Lugia confirmed: Popular Legendary will appear in New Pokemon Snap

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Lugia to appear in New Pokemon Snap roster.
The Pokemon Company

Second-gen legendary and Pokemon Silver cover star Lugia will officially be part of the ever-growing New Pokemon Snap monster roster, as confirmed by a recently aired Japanese commercial for the remastered title.

22 years ago, the photography-based Pokemon title “Snap” took the gaming world by storm. While the franchise’s main titles were dominating with battles, catching, and trading, Pokemon Snap offered a fun way to explore the new world.

Now, two decades later, a sequel is finally on its way: a fully remastered “New Pokemon Snap” title is set to be released April 30.

Needless to say, casual and diehard Pokemon fans alike are eagerly waiting on the edge of their seat for the quirky photography game’s remastered title. Now, the hype has hit fever pitch after another popular Pokemon was finally confirmed ⁠— second-gen legendary Lugia will officially be part of the New Pokemon Snap roster.

The iconic flying/psychic Pokemon briefly appeared in a new Japanese TV spot; it may not have been long, but it was confirmation all the same! Lugia can be seen swimming through the ocean halfway through the short clip, before the trainer takes a snap and adds it to their Pokemon Snap collection.

Cacnea, Clawitzer, Lycanroc, Starmie, and Lanturn were also confirmed.

Lugia first made its Pokemon debut all the way back in Pokemon Gold & Silver in 1999, as the cover star of “Silver”. Alongside Ho-oh, Lugia’s appearance marked the first time the main titles had split their legendary endgame monsters.

Pokemon #249 is often called the “guardian of the seas”. In the second-ever Pokemon movie, “Pokemon 2020,” it was confirmed Lugia rules over powerful birds like Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno.

None of the legendary birds have been confirmed, yet.

Lugia’s appearance also begs the question; will Ho-oh be included in the New Pokemon  Snap roster? Neither of the second-generation legendaries made the cut back in the original 1999 title ⁠— they were yet to be released ⁠— but may make it into the 2021 remaster.

It’s unclear if Lugia will also be able to fly, but it’s a pretty good bet considering its typing. Trainers will likely be able to spot it in multiple locations.

Ho-Oh Lugia Sword Shield
Pokemon Company
Lugia has been confirmed for New Pokemon Snap. Could Ho-oh be close behind?

A number of other second-generation Pokemon have already been confirmed to appear in the new Snap title, including Pichu, Meganium, and Tyranitar.

So far, roughly 100 or so Pokemon have been confirmed based on trailers and promotional items. Players can likely expect that number to at least double in the final version, with a flurry of secret ‘mon possibly in the mix as well.

Dexerto has been keeping track of every confirmed Pokemon — leaked or otherwise — in our dedicated New Pokemon Snap hub; make sure you check it out!

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