Logan Paul confirms his $3.5m Pokemon card box was actually fake

Dylan Horetski
logan pauls pokemon cards are fake

Logan Paul has revealed that his $3,500,000 box of ‘1st Edition Base Set’ Pokemon Cards is fake, just days after several prominent collectors questioned its authenticity. 

In September 2020, Logan Paul showed off his massive collection of Pokemon Cards to his fans on Instagram, sparking interest in millions of his fans. His post introduced his audience to the idea that the TCG is both art, and a worthy investment.

On December 5, 2021, Paul claimed that he had purchased a “one of a kind” case of 1st Edition Base Set Pokemon cards for an insane $3.5 million.

It was unclear what his plan for the case was at the time, but it quickly took a turn as prominent Pokemon TCG collectors stunned the YouTuber after they came together with evidence that his box may not be authentic.

Logan Paul has officially opened the box to check if it’s real and has confirmed that it is indeed fake.

YouTuber Logan Paul holding Pokemon Card box he paid 3.5 million for
The YouTuber posted a video of him paying 3.5 million for the Pokemon Card box.

Logan Paul admits $3.5m Pokemon box confirmed as fake

On January 13, Logan Paul revealed that he had lost $3,500,000 after they opened the box to find fake booster boxes.

Logan had flown to Chicago to meet up with BBCE, the company that originally authenticated the box as it was real. In the video, the BBCE employee that authenticated it explained the processes that he used to sign off on the case.

However, when they opened the box of alleged Pokemon cards, they immediately noticed something was wrong with the contents.

After comparing the contents to one of Logan’s known legitimate boxes, they decided to open one.

As they realized what was included, Logan said: “GI Joe cards? Really? Why couldn’t they be something else?”

“I’m a super positive person, and I’ll always be the one to look at the bright side. I’m trying, but this is hard. It’s bad for the Pokemon community, but I’m grateful for the products that I do have. I just went from 11 boxes to five,” he explained.

Social media reactions: Logan Paul’s fake Pokemon box

After Logan posted the link to his video on Twitter, fans all over the world provided their reactions towards the YouTuber’s findings.

One user, RandolphUK, stated: “This is crazy. Sorry to see this, but I’m thankful you’re able to share this with so many people for transparency. But first and foremost, get that money back.”

Another fan of Logan’s stated that he hopes this incident doesn’t prevent the YouTuber from collecting more Pokemon cards in the future.

Baseball Card Exchange, the company that authenticated Logan Paul’s case, posted an update regarding the situation on their Instagram account.

It reads: “In March 2021, we were asked to provide our good-faith opinion and verify that the Pokemon case had not been previously opened or tampered with. We evaluated it and, in our opinion, the case was in its original state.

“This past Saturday, we opened that case to verify our opinion and were extremely disappointed to learn it was inauthentic… We are re-evaluating our approach to all sealed cases going forward. We have also decided to halt the review of Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh! cases or boxes.”

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At the time of writing, the collectors who initially claimed that Paul’s box could possibly be fake have yet to comment on the results of the case opening.

When they do, however, we’ll update this article with their statement.

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