TikTok trainspotter Francis Bourgeois teams up with Joe Jonas in unexpected collab

Georgina Smith. Last updated: Jan 13, 2022
Francis Bourgeois next to Joe Jonas
Instagram: franicis_bourgeois43

Viral trainspotter Francis Bourgeois surprised fans when he uploaded a TikTok featuring popular singer Joe Jonas in a totally unexpected crossover.

Francis Bourgeois is a British creator on TikTok who went viral for his wholesome love of trains, garnering over 2 million followers and a total of 35 million likes on the platform so far.

He regularly posts videos of himself watching various trains go by, often with a head mounted camera attached to capture his full reaction, and these videos garner millions of likes and views, along with plenty of comments from supportive fans.

But a video posted on January 12 may have been his most surprising video to date, as he filmed with none other than pop singer Joe Jonas.

At the start of the video, he introduces “his friend Joe” from America, and records both of their reactions to the passing trains.

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Naturally, fans were completely surprised to see such a seemingly random crossover, and quickly flooded the comment section with their reactions to the collab.

“An A-list celebrity and a man named Joe,” one user wrote, another saying: “I can’t stop laughing what the hell is Joe doing there.”

Others were just amused that Francis introduced the huge celebrity as simply ‘Joe from America.’

Francis Bourgeois on two TikTok videos.
TikTok: Francis Bourgeois
Francis has become a beloved creator on social media.

Despite his huge number of adoring fans, Bourgeois recently had to address accusations that he’s a “fake” and is actually putting on a character for views after old images of him emerged.

He revealed that he had gelled his hair and wore different clothes to try and fit in at school, but in the past year grew his hair out and “reclaimed [his] love for trains.” He stressed that “trainspotters can come in different shapes and sizes.”

Now fans have seen Francis’ collab with Joe Jonas, many are wondering who could possibly end up popping up in the TikToker’s videos next.