LeonHart reveals insane Pokemon card sets only given to employees

leonhart pokemon tcg headerYouTube: Leonhart / The Pokemon Company

Pokemon TCG collector and YouTuber LeonHart showed off his collection of master sets, which were given to former Pokemon employees.

A rarely talked about facet of working for a developer or publisher in the gaming industry is that some employees receive some enticing perks.

Whether it’s free products or early access to unreleased games, sometimes employees are able to bring home some incredibly valuable items.

Now, Pokemon Trading Card collector and YouTuber Leonhart has shed some light on some TCG-related employee perks and showed off his own collection of such items.

LeonHart shows off insane employee card sets

LeonHart made a YouTube Short that explained that some employees who worked for The Pokemon Company US would actually get entire master sets of certain TCG sets.

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For those who may not know, a master set is essentially a complete collection of a set, including every incredibly rare card like reverse holos and ultra rares.

What’s more, is that these master sets were essentially delivered “straight from the printing press.” This means that provided the employees who owned the cards took care of them, they were in pristine condition in terms of card grading.

In his video, LeonHart showed off his collection of master sets, which come in small white cardboard boxes with a label denoting which set the box belonged to on top.

The collector highlighted the Delta Species set as an example. The label on top of the box noted it was the complete set and contained 221 cards.

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While he didn’t take any cards out of the box when demonstrating how master sets looked, it certainly looked to contain the proper number for the Delta Species set.

Additionally, LeonHart showed that he owned a Diamond & Pearl master set, an EX Dragon master set, and a Team Rocket TCG set among others.

Needless to say, these master sets are likely incredibly valuable and most collectors would not be able to find them easily.