Pokemon fans rename 5 streets in Las Vegas to honor Gen 1 monsters

Cassidy Stephenson

A Las Vegas neighborhood used the construction manager’s sons’ favorite Pokemon for several adorable street names like Snorlax Lane.

The Pokemon community has several real-world opportunities to meet fellow fans. Those include the annual Pokemon Go Fest and various TCG and VGC Championships. The franchise has also allowed fans to connect remotely with multiple in-game features like battles and trading.

Now, fans can display their passion for the series by living on streets named after Pokemon. How great would it be to have packages addressed to Charmander Lane?

Harmony Homes LLC construction manager Andrea Miller relied on her sons for new street names. Here’s which of their favorite Pokemon now earned a spot on Google Street View.

Las Vegas neighborhood has street names like Snorlax Lane

Speaking to KLAS 9 News NOW in Nevada, Miller revealed how she came up with the street names for the Serenity Place neighborhood outside Las Vegas. “It’s really, really hard to name streets in this town,” Miller said. “When I hear Jigglypuff, I giggle. When you’re coming home from work and you had a bad day and you have to turn on Jigglypuff Lane, that will make you smile.”

In addition to borrowing Jigglypuff’s namesake, Pokemon like Squirtle, Snorlax, Charmander, and Charizard also received their own lanes. “Little kids and diehard Pokemon people, they love it,” Miller said.

Previously, Harmony Homes picked Paw Patrol characters for addresses in the Blue Ridge neighborhood. Blue Ridge has street names like “Chase Street,” “Rubble Avenue,” and “Yumi Court.” The company used pepper names for another community called Avery Place.

Additionally, Harmony Homes took inspiration from the Yellowstone series for street names of an upcoming project called Grandview.

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