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Is Pokemon Go getting Malamar & Goodra soon? Special Evolutions leaked in datamine

Published: 26/Mar/2021 21:30

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Go dataminers have uncovered a handful of new features and items potentially coming to the mobile title. From new lures to rainy-based evolutions, could Gen VI’s Goodra make its debut in the game soon? 

Despite launching in 2016, there are still a lot of Kalos region characters that need to be added in Pokemon Go. Perhaps one of the most anticipated is the wildly popular Goomy evolution line.

According to a new datamine, the adorably gooey Dragon could be making its debut soon in the mobile title. Here is everything that was discovered in the March 25 leak, including new weather-based lures.


Is Pokemon Go getting new weather-based lures?

Pokemon Go Goodra & Malamar datamine

As is common with live service games, information pushed to the servers is often discovered early. Popular Pokemon Go dataminers ‘PokeMiners’ uncovered a slew of interesting updates that could be coming to the mobile title soon.

The account shared their discovery on the r/TheSilphRoad forum, where they detailed new lures and special evolutions potentially being added to the game. Interestingly, Niantic might also be including a new “evolutions hint” feature to help players out.

“Rainy Lure Module texts added to specifically mention it can be used for evolution. Evolution Hints/Prompts highlighting how to evolve certain Pokemon. Mentions upside down evolution and evolving during rainy weather (or the lure),” the post explained.


Go players immediately assumed that it was a reference to Gen VI’s Goomy, and Inkay’s evolution, Malamar.

One user exclaimed, “Goomy HYPE.” Another added, “And inkay for the upside down.” A fan of the Kalos Dragon wrote, “Can’t wait for Goomy to release! Goomy (and evolution family) is my favorite Pokemon!”

Some players even theorized that the new weather-based lures could be used for Eeveelutions. “Vaporeon please. No more random evolution,” a Trainer pleaded.

Pokemon Go players react to Rainy lure datamine

In 2013’s X and Y, Dragon-type Goomy infamously had a unique mechanic where it could only reach its final evolution, Goodra, during rainy weather. Similarly, Malamar could only be evolved by players turning their 3DS console upside down while leveling up Inkay.


While not everything in datamines is a guarantee, the specific reference to rainy and upside down evolutions seems to point towards the popular Gen VI characters. Either way, it seems Niantic has some interesting game mechanics planned for the mobile title at some point in the future.