Is New Pokemon Snap getting DLC? Pokedex leak sparks speculation

Meganium in New Pokemon SnapThe Pokemon Company

Rumors of New Pokemon Snap getting DLC exploded online after dataminers uncovered something unusual about the Switch title’s full Pokedex lineup. Could the photography game get new Pokemon and maps in the future?

After two decades, the franchise is finally making a return to the classic N64 photography series with New Pokemon Snap on Nintendo Switch. The long-awaited sequel has players exploring the Lental region as they study the mysterious Illumina phenomenon.

On the eve of its launch, dataminers have uncovered something interesting about the project’s final Pokedex list. Missing ‘mon and even a character supposedly cut from the game has kicked the rumor mill into overdrive about potential future DLC.

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Emolga eating fruit in New Pokemon SnapThe Pokemon Company
Could New Pokemon Snap get extra characters in future DLC?

Is New Pokemon Snap getting DLC?

While the game is officially set to make its debut on April 30, dataminers who managed to get their hands on early copies have already begun to dig up data. Eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed something intriguing about the full Pokedex list after it was leaked online.

Interestingly, a substantial amount of blank spaces are included in the roster of 215 ‘mon. Datamine account ‘SciresM‘ explained, “Blank spaces are reserved pokemon IDs with empty data (could change in a future update, maybe).”

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While the account does not state that this is for DLC, the amount of empty slots on the roster quickly had many theorizing that new characters could be added in a future update. Which makes sense since the slots are technically Pokemon IDs without info.

To add fuel to the fire, Spanish Pokemon outlet ‘PokéXperto‘ pointed out that Gen III ‘mon Shroomish was missing from the final version of the game after previously being shown off in early trailers.

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“The reveal video of NewPokemonSnap on June 17, 2020, featured [Shroomish]. That Pokémon does not appear in the final version of the game. It may come out in a future DLC or it was just a beta,” a rough translation of the tweet read.

It’s tough to say if the photography title will actually get DLC based on these early leaks. As is always the case with speculation, take things with a grain of salt and keep expectations low.

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At the same time, 2019’s Pokemon Sword & Shield featured a paid expansion pass so it wouldn’t exactly be shocking for the New Snap to also follow in the same footsteps to increase the longevity of the game.