Huge Pokemon Scarlet & Violet leak reveals Gen 9 Pokedex

pokemon scarlet and violet pokedex feature

The entire Pokedex for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has reportedly been leaked, potentially revealing every ‘mon making it into Gen 9.

As more seemingly legitimate leaks have found their way onto the internet, info-hungry trainers have pieced together what they believe is the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Pokedex.

This does not include all of the standard, non-regional Pokemon. Instead, fans have compiled all of the information about every new Pokemon being introduced in Scarlet & Violet. This includes new Pokemon, regional fakes, variants, cross-gen evolutions, and more.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Pokedex leak

Community members Dahni and Makio & JRoses have worked to put together tables indicating how many new Pokemon are in Scarlet & Violet. The leaked info comes from notable leakers Riddler Khu and Kaka.

There are currently between 105 and 116 new Pokemon (Makio & JRose have included a handful of unconfirmed Pokemon to their chart). The Pokedex is made up of 80 new Pokemon across 45 new lines, four Regional Fakes, five cross-gen evolutions, 16 paradox forms, and four regional variants.

These leaks reveal quite a bit about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet as a whole. If they are to be believed, the Pokemon trainers use as your bike isn’t actually a Legendary. Instead, they are a lesser version of Koraidon and Miraidon known was Korai and Mirai.

As well, there are paradox Pokemon that are future or past versions of preexisting Pokemon like Salamence, Suicune, Tyranitar, and Volcarona. And there are a number of Pokemon that have been leaked that only have simple descriptors like ‘frog’ or ‘fish’.

While the charts only show ~110 Pokemon, the full regional Pokedex is believed to contain roughly 400 monsters. This also means Gen 9 will add more new Pokemon to the franchise than any game since Pokemon Black & White.