First English dubbed Pokemon Horizons footage just dropped 3 months after Japan release

Ethan Dean

Pokemon fans at San Diego Comic Con and around the world have just been treated to a big surprise from the Pokemon Company. The hotly anticipated English dub of the Pokemon Horizons anime received a 10-minute preview and a new trailer.

It’s been seven months since fans of the Pokemon anime started recovering from the loss of the iconic Ash Ketchum as a series mainstay. Even though TV Tokyo bosses have confirmed it’s not the last we’ll see of Ash, the newest anime adaptation Pokemon Horizons focuses on two new protagonists instead.

Horizons has already aired 14 episodes in Japan and unofficial subtitled versions of those episodes have been popping up on piracy sites ever since. Thus, fans have been eagerly awaiting news of official subs and dubs for the series.

On July 20 at San Diego Comicon, The Pokemon Company answered fans’ prayers with a full 10 minutes of Horizons’ first episode previewed in English. They published the preview on their official YouTube channel shortly after.

If the video below fails to load, click here to watch directly on YouTube.

Though we didn’t get to see any footage of Roy in the English preview, the other protagonist of Pokemon Horizons, Liko, was front and center. The footage focused on Liko’s first moments in the Indigo Academy.

Liko has moved from the Paldea region to the Kanto region to attend the same Pokemon school as her parents. The series’ focus on school life in the Pokemon world runs parallel to the most recent games in the franchise Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The preview showed the shy and uncertain Liko meeting her energetic and excitable roommate Ann. Both characters are superbly voice acted and fans are already praising Alejandra Reynoso’s work for “bringing Liko to life”.

Fans were able to see Liko receive her partner Pokemon, a feisty Sprigatito who drove events forward by immediately running off. An English trailer for the series was shown shortly after and has also been published on The Pokemon Company’s YouTube Channel.

While there’s a preview and trailer in circulation for the English dub of Pokemon Horizons now, there’s still no official release date for the full English version of the series. The trailer ended with a tantalizing “coming soon” but no other details have been posted on official channels.

We do however have tons of info on the already aired Japanese episodes of Pokemon Horizons including some theories on what’s coming. Episode descriptions of next week’s episode suggest that Roy is set to add a new flying-type member to his team.