Hardcore Pokemon fan turns their Magikarp cosplay into viral tattoo

margikarp cosplayThe Pokemon Company / lucasmh42

A Pokemon cosplayer, and arguably Magikarp’s biggest fan, has gone viral after getting an impressive tattoo dedicated to an IRL recreation of the splashing orange fish.

Pokemon cosplayers are consistently putting on impressive outfits with insane attention to detail, paying ode to a franchise that has changed the lives of so many.

But, cosplays are typically only worn a handful of times, lacking a certain permanence for the owner. Unless, of course, you opt to get a tattoo of it.

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And that’s exactly what one hardcore fan did with their recent Magikarp cosplay, getting an amazing tattoo to forever commemorate the prized play.

Pokemon cosplayer gets tattoo of Magikarp cosplay

Pokemon FandomPokemon Fandom
Magikarp has appeared in several Pokemon games and the anime, becoming one of the franchise’s most well-known monsters.

Lucas Matos-Hernandez, or lucasmh42 on Instagram, recently did a hilarious cosplay of the Gen 1 Pokemon, Magikarp, which features a full-on orange suit.

The cosplay itself was already impressive, featuring a cleverly made mask of the fish with an otherwise dashing outfit. But, then Lucas took the play to the next level.

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He posted this to the Pokemon subreddit on December 20 to an absolutely bonkers reception of over 17,000 upvotes, 25+ endorsements, and over 200 comments.

People love Magikarp as it is, but seeing it come to life like this had fans’ full support.

Cosplayer reacts

We were able to get a quote from Lucas regarding the cosplay and the matching tattoo. They said: “I guess the only thing I can say is that it’s really fun to take something the game calls a failure and give it some style.”

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Well, both the tattoo and the cosplay clearly have some style, and it is a neat thing to pay homage to a Pokemon that is so often overlooked for its impressive evolution, Gyarados.

This may very well be one of the only tattoos dedicated to a particular cosplay, which serves to immortalize the hand-made outfit and further shows how impactful cosplay can be for fans.

Make sure to stay tuned for more amazing cosplay stories much like this one, here at Dexerto.

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