My Hero Academia cosplayer makes waves with perfect Nejire Hado

nejire hado cosplayer my hero academia@emnardork / My Hero Academia

One cosplayer has brought the Big Three’s Nejire Hado to life, a beloved character from the anime My Hero Academia, in her amazing costume fit for a superhero.

My Hero Academia’s UA High School is full of an amazing and diverse cast of characters, including the illustrious upperclassmen trio called the Big 3.

One of the big three Nejire Hado, is a favorite for cosplayers due to her loving and bubbly personality, not to mention her insanely powerful quirk, Wave Motion.

With flying colors, a cosplayer has cooked up a perfect rendition of the free-spirited UA upperclassman that’s sure to make waves of its own.

My Hero Academia Nejire Hado cosplay

nejire hadMy Hero Academia
Nejire Hado is one of the most joyful characters in My Hero Academia, making her a favorite of many.

Emnardork is an Instagram cosplayer that’s done a variety of different plays on her account, including several characters from My Hero Academia.

But, it’s tough to compete with her impressive Nejire cosplay.

Showing off the rendition across several posts, Emnadork perfectly captures Nejire’s classic spiral look, signature aquamarine color palette, and even the character’s joyful personality.


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The cosplayer has clearly put a great deal of work into nailing this look, getting a lot of the details of Nejire’s complex uniform exactly right.

What’s more, they also have an equally impressive Ochaco Uraraka, a character that makes sense if you’re a fan of Nejire.


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Whether floating in the clouds as Ururaka or making waves with Nejire, this cosplayer has a clear eye for the female heroes of UA High.

It’s perfect timing, too, as My Hero has just released its latest movie, World Heroes’ Mission, that’s still in theaters in select cities.

With the show currently in-between seasons, fans have been clamoring for more on what Deku, Bakugo, and the rest of the UA squad will do next.