Fix Pokemon card bulk with “outstanding” suggestion

Em Stonham
Horsea Pokemon card with sparkles and anime background.

If you’re a Pokemon card collector, you’ll know that finding a solution for bulk cards can be frustrating. Some choose to sell them online for a few dollars or make art out of them, and others may simply leave them to collect dust in a binder, with hopes of them being valuable down the line.

While your bulk cards may not have much value to you, it’s important to know that they may be special for other fans – most notably, younger Pokemon fans or players who might not be able to purchase their own Booster Packs.

One Pokemon TCG collector has earned the praise of the community by unveiling their heart-warming solution for bulk Pokemon cards in a fan discussion on Reddit. They revealed a snap of carefully curated Pokemon card packets in a free library for local fans to pick up and enjoy.

The person behind the initial post described how they make sure to include plenty of V and V Max cards alongside Energies and noted, “Good way to get rid of bulk and hopefully make some kids happy that don’t have an opportunity to buy Pokemon cards or maybe can’t afford anything.”

Pokemon TCG players adored the notion, praising the kind-hearted collector for their efforts. One person commented, “That’s a great idea, good job being a good person OP,” while others noted that they were inspired to search for a free library in their local area and do the same thing.

Some viewers revealed their own methods of giving back to the Pokemon TCG community in the replies. One excitedly declared, “Love this idea! I normally separate mine into the small tins and pop them into the local charity shop and give ’em to my friends kids.”

Even fans from other trading card games managed to come across the post. A Yu-Gi-Oh player chimed in, “Nice. I did something similar with my Yu-Gi-Oh bulk. Packed up penny sleeves with as many cards as could fit. Then go around a school and hid them around for kids to find. Hid about 50 packs.”

While some cynical readers insisted that the cards were likely going to opportunistic resellers in the local area, the vast majority of Pokemon TCG players in the replies were delighted by the sweet solution for bulk Pokemon cards.

If there’s a local free library or similar location in your area, why not take part in this community trend? The Pokemon TCG is a wonderful hobby to be involved with but it can feel inaccessible for some people, and gestures like bulk care packages can help to get more people enjoying the game.