All buffs & nerfs in Pokemon Unite update: Greedent, Alolan Ninetales, Gardevoir

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Pokemon Unite Season 2 has officially gone live and to kick off the new era for the MOBA, TiMi Studios has pushed out a large patch. From Greedent to Alolan Ninetales, here is every Pokemon getting nerfed or buffed in the update.

Months after launching in July, Pokemon Unite Season 1 has officially come to a close in November. Now that Season 2 is underway, TiMi Studios is using the moment to balance the multiplayer with its latest patch.

The update features substantial changes including a big boost for Alolan Ninetales and Gardevoir users. The developer has also listened to fans’ complaints and nerfed newcomer Greedent in a big way.

Pokemon Unite patch buffs and nerfs

The following changes have been confirmed by

Pokemon buffs

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir Trailer screenshot
Several Pokemon such as Gardevoir are getting big buffs in the November patch.

Alolan Ninetales

  • Special Attack Stat: Has been increased.
  • Blizzard: Damage increased.
  • Blizzard: Cooldown reduced.


  • Psychic: Cooldown reduced.
  • Psychic: Secondary Effects increased.

Pokemon nerfs

Pokemon Unite Greedent debut trailer
The Galar newcomer is already receiving a major nerf after many fan complaints.


  • Cheek Pouch: HP recovery reduced.
  • Stuff Cheeks: Shield reduced.
  • Bullet Seed: Damage increased.
  • Belch: Cooldown increased. 
  • Belch: Damage reduced.

Item buffs

Pokemon Unite Items wallpaper
Several key items also were given a series of buffs.

Potion: HP recovery increased. 

X Speed: Movement speed increased. 

Pokemon Unite update bug fixes

sylveon pokemon unite
The update fixes a major Sylveon bug, as well as a flurry of other glitches.

The update featured a flurry of bug fixes that easily has towered most previous patches. Most of them revolve around Pokemon moves or animation that haven’t been working properly.


  • Thunder: Fixed a bug where Thunder would not activate under certain conditions.


  • Rough Skin: Fixed a bug that caused Rough skin to deal more damage than it should in certain situations.


  • Fairy Frolic: Fixed a bug where Fairy Frolic would not activate an HP recovery after being used.


  • Berry Belly Flop: Fixed a bug where Berry Belly Flop would accidentally trigger while on a jump pad.
  • Covet: Fixed bug where Belch could be used more frequently.


  • Full Heal: Fixed a bug where Full Heal would not properly remove status effects after being used.

The major gameplay changes will officially take effect on Wednesday, November 10, after the patch goes live to compliment the start of Season 2.

Out of all the changes this time, it looks like the biggest overhaul is Greedent. Since its October launch, the pesky Galar squirrel has quickly become a thorn in the side of many Trainers who felt he was too overpowered. Hopefully, the new update will remedy that for many players.

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