Palworld: Bellanoir raid guide, tips and more

Eliana Bollati
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Palworld’s April 3 update brought a slew of new content for fans to enjoy, including the highly anticipated Bellanoir Raid.

Bellanoir is the first raid to be released in Palworld, and it packs plenty of punch. Bellanoir boasts a whopping 294,000 HP,  insane damage output, and area of effect attacks that destroy buildings and terrain.

If that doesn’t sound tough enough, Bellanoir Libero, the Pal’s alternate version, has a mammoth 450,000 HP, and adds ice damage to its attacks.

It’s worth noting, these are very difficult fights and easily the toughest content in the game so far. On top of that, players need to be at least level 33 to craft a Summoning Altar to start the raid.

We’d recommend players reach at least level 40-45 before trying to tackle Bellanoir head-on. Those wanting to take on the trickier challenge of Bellanoir Libero should aim to be at least level 50 before starting the raid.

How to start the Bellanoir Raid

Players will need to start the raid by using their Summoning Altar and then summoning a Bellanoir using a Bellanoir’s slab or Bellanoir Libero’s slab.

It takes 4 of Bellanoir’s slab fragments, or 4 of Bellanoir Libero’s slab fragments to craft the summoning slab.

Slab fragments can be found in chests inside dungeons, head to the following spots to find slab fragments for both raids.

DungeonRequired LevelSlab Fragments
Ravine Grotto 19Bellanoir’s Slab Fragments x1
Mountain Stream Grotto  29Bellanoir’s Slab Fragments x2
Cavern of the Dunes 35Bellanoir’s Slab Fragments x2
Volcanic Cavern 40Bellanoir’s Slab Fragments x1
Bellanoir Libero’s Slab Fragments x1
Sacred Mountain Cavern   45Bellanoir Libero’s Slab Fragments x2

How to beat Bellanoir

A player summoning Bellanoir at the Summoning Altar
Players might want to create a new base to summon and fight Bellanoir thanks to its ability to destroy buildings.

Bellanoir is a Dark element type Pal, making them weak to Dragon attacks. But what’s more worrying is the Pal’s penchant for destroying terrain and buildings with its Apocalypse attack. Plus, it packs a very mean punch with its basic attack, Dark Cannon, too.

Perhaps the most important tip to remember to beat Bellanoir is to create a new base to summon them in. Keep this base with the bare essentials of a Palbox and maybe a few defensive structures like some sandbags and half walls for some additional cover. This will prevent Bellanoir’s attacks from destroying the players main base during the raid.

Pal Team (Legendary)

To take Bellanoir down as fast as possible, players should look to fill out their party with their strongest Legendary Pals who have a Dragon typing. We used Astegon, Jetragon, Azurobe, Relaxasaurus and Jormuntide, but any combination of Legendary Pals with the Dragon element type will work.

Bellanoir Libero is a meaner fight all round, but we only switched out our Jormuntide for a Jormuntide Ignis to bring some extra fire power against those ice attacks.

Pal Team (Normal)

Without any Legendaries, the standard Bellanoir raid can still be beaten using a Chillet + Gobfin Party combo. Chillet is a perfect pick for this fight thanks to its Ice/Dragon typing and the fact its Partner Skill will add the Dragon damage to the player’s attacks.

Fill out the rest of the party with 4 Gobfins. This provides the player with a huge bonus to attack damage thanks to their Angry Shark partner skill which will passively power up the player’s attack during combat.

Switch out one of the Gobfins for a powerful Fire element type Pal, like Ragnahawk, to use this method in the Bellanoir Libero fight.


Players should head into the raid expecting to take a lot of damage. At the bare minimum be equipped with a Hyper Shield and Pal Metal Armor and Helm at the minimum. A Life Amulet is also recommended for extra survivability.


When it comes to weaponry, the bigger damage output the better, as Bellanoir has a lot of health to chew through. Assault rifles aren’t a bad option, but a Rocket Launcher will help shave off Bellanoir’s HP faster. But ranged weapons that deal poison or fire damage are also extremely effective — especially for dealing with Bellanoir Libero during their ice phase.

In the instance of ranged weapons, a triple shot bow will provide a faster attack speed, while a crossbow will output more damage. Players should kit themselves out in either, based on their preferences.


Thanks to the addition of Recovery Meds, players can now give themselves extra survivability in tough fights, so they’re worth stocking up on before heading into the raid.

Bellanoir raid rewards

There are some goodies awaiting those who successfully beat the raid. Aside from an egg which can be incubated to hatch a Bellanoir or Bellanoir Libero, there’s new armor and items up for grabs.

Multiclimate Undershit
Ancient Civilization Core x1
Training Manual XL x1
Training Crystal
Huge Dark Egg (hatches into a Bellanoir or Bellanoir Libero)

Bellanoir Libero raid rewards

Bellanoir Libero in Palworld
Bellaworld Libero is an alternative version of the new Pal that also utilizes ice attacks.

Multiclimate Undershit + 2
Ancient Civilization Core x1 or x2
Stat Boost (IV) Fruits
Huge Dark Egg (hatches into a Bellanoir Libero)
Bellanoir Libero Ultra slab

The Bellanoir Libero Ultra slab will give players access to the Bellanoir Libero Ultra raid. This is the most difficult raid in Palworld currently. Players who can complete the Ultra version of the raid will also get an additional item, the Witch’s Crown, which grants damage reduction from Dragon-type attacks.

Can you catch Bellanoir or Bellanoir Libero

No. Neither of these Pals can be caught in the wild.

While Bellanoir can be added to the Paldex, players won’t be able to catch them in the wild. Bellanoir and Bellanoir Libero can both only be obtained by incubating eggs.

How to get Bellanoir and Bellanoir Libero

Players will receive a Huge Dark Egg after successfully beating Bellanoir in the new raid. They can then incubate the egg and hatch it, adding Bellanoir to their collection.

To complete the Bellanoir raid, players will need to craft Bellanoir’s Slab from four slab fragments and then use their Summoning Altar to summon Bellanoir and start the raid.

The process is the same for the Bellanoir Libero variant. In this case, players will need to craft a Bellanoir Libero’s Slab using four slab Bellanoir Libero’s slab fragments. After summoning and defeating the Pal, they’ll drop an egg that can be incubated and hatched into Bellanoir Libero.

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