Zenyatta Iris Challenge, ‘Human’ skin and more leaked – but is it real?

Michael Gwilliam
Blizzard Entertainment

New Overwatch challenges, short stories and even skins appear to have been leaked – but many users are wondering if these leaks are the real deal.

On November 20, Twitter user “Kompae” posted several screenshots indicating that Brigitte and Zenyatta lore was coming in addition to brand new challenge events. Challenge events normally require the player to win nine matches to unlock special limited-time sprays and skins for a specific hero.

The leak suggested that a mini-event called “Zenyatta’s Iris Challenge” would be coming in June 2020, while “Briggitte’s Helmet Heart Challenge” would be coming in February 2020.

Of note, the screengrab spelled Brigitte’s name incorrectly.

Additional info in another screenshot for the Zenyatta challenge indicated that it would come with a short story by Lead Story Writer Michael Chu. In November, Blizzard released a short story by Chu prior to announcing Mercy’s Recall Challenge, so this does match up with what the company has done in the past.

The leaked info also states that there will be seven “community collaboration” sprays and a legendary “human” Zenyatta skin.

Of all the Overwatch heroes, Zenyatta is one of the most mysterious. Many fans have been asking for Zen lore for some time, so if the leaks are real, this would please a lot of players.

Are the leaks real?

The misspelling of Brigitte certainly suggests the leaks could be faked. So far, every special challenge event has included a canon skin for the hero the event is built around, such as the Dr. Ziegler Mercy skin.

While a ‘human’ Zenyatta skin sounds interesting, it’s questionable how it would actually fit into Overwatch’s lore.

However, Blizzard has been doing a lot more of these challenges instead of adding new major events. Jeff Kaplan himself did indicate that there would not be a new Archives mission in 2020 as the team was working hard on Overwatch 2, so these new skins and stories could be designed to fill the content gap until it’s released.

Overwatch LeagueZenyatta is no stranger to special skins.

Whatever the case, Overwatch has been prone to many leaks over the years, and this could be the latest of many.

Sadly, we’re going to have to wait until at least February to see if the leaks were real.

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