Overwatch player goes viral after insane 6k team wipe with D.Va’s Remech

Michael Gwilliam
D.Va 6K remech goes viral
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An Overwatch player finally managed to secure a team kill with D.Va’s Remech ultimate and fans online are celebrating the ridiculous accomplishment.

D.Va’s Remech has become one of the most notorious ways to eliminate enemies in Overwatch ever since its damage was buffed to 250. However, with such a small radius, it’s rare to see a triple kill with the ability, let alone a full 6K team wipe.

This is where Redditor robinthebourgeoisie comes into play with a clip that not only showed the insane feat, but how they managed to do it. Needless to say, it took a fair bit of luck and coordination from their teammates – a group of five who took a full day of playing to pull off the team wipe.

Overwatch Dva gameplay
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Killing with Remech can be incredibly difficult.

Overwatch player gets 6K with D.Va Remech

With the enemy team all on the point defending the objective on Ilios Lighthouse, the demeched D.Va player headed right to the heart of the action, rushing onto the point in what somehow didn’t result in their instant death.

Once on the point, a friendly Ana teammate gave them a Nano Boost to grant D.Va a 50% boost to her damage and her own HP reduction.

This wasn’t all, however, shortly thereafter, a Zarya Graviton Surge kept the enemies in place, allowing for robinthebourgeoisie to frag out, completely wiping everyone on the enemy team with Call Mech.

D.Va 6K goes viral

The incredible play went viral on Reddit, amassing over 4,000 up-votes while some users even gave the post some awards. Even the enemy team was impressed, as according to robinthebourgeoisie, they messaged them afterward.

“Their entire team congratulated me. It was a good laugh between us both. I’m glad they were such great sports about getting squished,” the user wrote.

Obviously, replicating this without your whole team trying to go for it could be incredibly difficult, but for all you D.Va players out there, this could be the craziest possible play you can pull off with the hero. Try at your own risk!