Wild Overwatch Zarya & Cassidy basketball combo scores easy kills

overwatch cassidy and zarya stand on ilios lighthouse backgroundBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players are still finding innovative new ways to take down their foes, and this insane Zarya Cassidy combo is so mind-blowing the enemy won’t know what hit them. 

Overwatch may have been out for five years, but its dedicated playerbase are determined to keep the game fresh with insane new tips, tricks, and hero combinations.

Whether you’re looking to style on your enemies amid the colorful streets of Havana, or are hoping slam people from the shadows as Wrecking Ball on King’s Row, there’s a dozen cheeky little moves that can make your victories even sweeter.

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Yet another one has gone viral courtesy of YouTuber McMagicMarv, whose Zarya Cassidy combo is perfect for sending pesky heroes soaring high into the sky.

overwatch cole cassidy new blood skin on temple of anubisBlizzard
Looking for a reason to rock Cole Cassidy’s New Blood skin? Here’s the perfect excuse.

Overwatch Zarya Cassidy combo leaves fans speechless

Entitling this insane new combo “Space Cowboy,” Zarya and Cassidy can be seen wrestling for the point on Ilios’ stunning Lighthouse location.

Bringing a basketball from the drop ship to the point, the Zarya unloads her Graviton Surge onto the ball before punting it into the middle of the enemy squad. Due to the gravity bomb, the unfortunate Soldier 76 is pulled high into the sky as the ball bounces upwards, leaving him an easy target for a well-timed High Noon.

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As the KO’d Soldier crashes out of the sky, you can literally feel the player behind the visor flipping their table in a mixture of rage and confusion.

While Soldier 76 doesn’t have flying capabilities, this trick would work wonders in the likes of Echo or Pharah, as it would ensure that they’re pulled into one specific place instead of zipping around.

“Not gonna lie. The style points are on your side,” writes one fan, while another asks “what in the Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan did I just watch?” Others have set about renaming the combo, devising clever punny titles like “Sky Noon” and “Cowboy Bebop.”

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So, the next time you’re on Ilios and have a skilled Zarya or Cassidy on your team, you’ll need to give this trick a go. After all, it’s all about those “style points,” right?

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