Hidden Overwatch Wrecking Ball slam spot found on King’s Row

wrecking ball kings row overwatchActivision Blizzard

A hidden spot on Overwatch’s King’s Row has been discovered that will allow Wrecking Ball’s slam to absolutely shock enemies. 

Overwatch, the Activision Blizzard hero shooter, is jam-packed with little tips and tricks to get the most value out of the game’s heroes.

Wrecking Ball, the adorable hamster trapped in a steel ball, has plenty of these little tricks himself, thanks to a unique and extremely mobile kit.

One member of the community has found a new spot on King’s Row using the adorable hamster that you’ll absolutely want to try for yourself.

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Hidden Wrecking Ball slam spot in Overwatch

wrecking ball piledriverActivision Blizzard
Wrecking Ball’s Piledriver is one of the best crowd control abilities in the game.

King’s Row, one of Overwatch’s most classic maps, has a final checkpoint that takes players indoors as they seek to escort the payload across its final destination.

This area is packed with corners, high grounds, and plenty of ways to fall off the map. This, apparently, also lends itself to an impressive spot for Wrecking Ball to wreak havoc.

A Reddit post to the game’s subreddit has highlighted this spot, and the posts 200+ upvotes suggest players may be employing this in their ranked games before too long.

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What makes the spot so powerful is that, from the looks of it, Wrecking Ball is able to use his Piledriver slam ability without having to have the usual vertical distance. Instead, the hamster ball slams immediately to the ground.

From the looks of it, the player has found a small crack that leads off the map and uses Piledriver at the exact frame they’re over it, tricking the game into thinking the Wrecking Ball is far above the ground.

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People commonly do this right near edges to regain position on the map, but this trick has seemingly no risk of falling down and off the map, making timing the key factor. Some comments on the post confirm this theory.

“For all the confused comments there’s lots of spots on this map where there’s just barely a gap below to the void (not big enough to fall through) which tricks the game into thinking hammy is high enough to slam.”

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Having a spot like this in your arsenal can definitely catch an enemy off guard and just might be the difference between a win and a loss.

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