Unique Overwatch animation lets Hammond demech like D.Va

Michael Gwilliam
Dva and Wrecking Ball in Overwatch

Ever since Wrecking Ball’s release in Overwatch, fans have been wondering what it would be like if the hamster ball mech-tank hero could have a baby form like D.Va. Now, thanks to a new animation, we all get to see it in action.

Unlike D.Va, who has a separate form when her mech gets blown up, Hammond has no such form. A dead hamster mech is a dead hamster.

Blizzard probably felt that due to Hammond’s incredible survivability, it would be a bit too insane to have a hamster running around on the battlefield after his mech was destroyed.

Regardless, thanks to the animator Jupit, fans can finally see what it would look like if Hammond could eject from his Wrecking Ball.

Wrecking Ball piledriver
Wrecking Ball can be a pain to deal with.

The video begins by showing D.Va’s ‘demech’ animation and how she ejects from her seat to safety.

Next, it transitions to the inside of Hammond’s mech where the hamster slams his fist down onto a big yellow button to initiate an eject sequence.

After that, he finds himself standing on two feet outside of the mech, in what can only be described as a variation of D.Va’s baby pilot form.

“Free him,” Jupit captioned the video, tagging the Overwatch Twitter account in the process. The video was likely made in response to an earlier tweet Jupid made in October where he wrote, “let Hammond eject from the mech.”

While Hammond may not be actually able to demech in Overwatch, there is always a possibility that he ends up gaining the ability in the game’s sequel. Notably, Overwatch 2’s PvE missions will include some advanced exclusive abilities, we may get our wish in seeing the hamster do battle even without his gear.

Ball players will hope that the devs do decide to add that feature in whenever the highly-anicipated sequel launches.

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