Twitch streamer combines Overwatch with DOOM and it’s absolutely insane

Roadhog becomes Doomguy in OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch streamer brought hell to King’s Row by combining his love of DOOM with Blizzard’s hero shooter, and the result was downright incredible.

Overwatch is a relatively whimsical game compared to the M-rated blood-soaked spectacle that is the DOOM series. That said, the music by Mick Gordon is some of the best in the industry, and it can really light a fire underneath some players… even providing a bit of an edge.

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Twitch streamer Voll was doing just that – blasting Mick Gordon’s metal score while clicking heads as Baby D.Va. As funny as that sounds, it actually fit pretty well, given the fact both games are still shooters.

Wanting to take things to the next level, though, Voll added a DOOM overlay to his stream to really transform his broadcast into the perfect mix of both games, and fans loved it.

Streamer turns Overwatch into DOOM

Selecting Roadhog with his DOOM overlay added, Voll took to the streets of King’s Row ready to unleash hell, and that’s exactly what he did, ripping and tearing through foes.

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With the metal soundtrack blasting, Voll immediately secured kills on both enemy tanks and proceeded to capture point A with ease.

Amazingly, the streamer’s dominating effort saw him steamroll the foes, bringing the payload all the way with over four minutes of time-bank remaining. Quite a feat for any attacking team.

Along the way, he even shut down a Nano Boosted Reaper with his Wholehog ultimate, truly slaying at every possible turn.

“I’m f**king DOOMing!” he exclaimed. “Oh my God, it’s broken. Is it even fair? It’s like drug-enhancing gaming. You can’t use this sh*t when you’re playing a game. It’s f**ked up.”

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Clearly, the intensity of the soundtrack got Voll’s blood pumping, because for many in chat, they remarked how they had never seen him play so well before.

If you think you can game with music blaring, you should try playing some DOOM tracks next time you load up Overwatch. Who knows, you might even have a career-best game if the tunes are to your style.

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