Sombra fans flame her new “dishwashing gloves” in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Sombra changesBlizzard

Sombra is getting a visual overhaul coming into the highly anticipated Overwatch 2, but after seeing screenshots of her ‘Hack’ ability players aren’t loving her new look.

Despite not having a concrete release date, Blizzard have revealed that several of Overwatch’s most beloved heroes will be getting visual overhauls coming into its elusive sequel, Overwatch 2.

From Tracer to Winston, Reaper to Widowmaker, most of the current roster will be getting a glow up, with Mexican hacker and anti-hero, Sombra, also among their ranks.

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After some images surfaced of the technological genius using her ‘Hack’ ability, players are loving the new look for her Machine Pistol, but aren’t exactly impressed with her new gloves.

overwatch 2 sombra rework visual updateBlizzard Entertainment
Sombra’s new look has largely been a hit with fans, but these new screenshots have them second-guessing.

Players roast Sombra’s Overwatch 2 gloves

A Reddit post comparing Sombra’s new and improved Machine Pistol to the one in the base game has captured the imaginations of the Overwatch community – but not in the way that Blizzard likely intended.

Accompanied by three screenshots, the final image shows Sombra using her ‘Hack,’ and her bright magenta gloves have dominated the comments section.

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Why? Well, players think they look like the rubber gloves that people use to protect their hands while washing dishes…

“On my knees and begging Blizzard to tweak her design even just to make her gloves not look like dishwashing gloves,” writes one fan, clarifying that “even that aside, I feel like the design on the back of her gloves is so iconic to her so it’s weird to not have it anymore.”

Echoing this, one comment reads “saw the gun and thought – ah finally a nice improvement. Then I saw the hand 🙁 Looks like she has rubber gloves on that some people wear when they’re washing the dishes.”

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“Sombra clearly made her own suit, and after getting a robot spine installed I guess she ran out of money to spend on gloves,” jokes another fan, while a final response noting “I like the gun redesign but I hate how her hand looks.”

As Blizzard continue to work on the next installment in the Overwatch saga, it’ll be interesting to see if this feedback reaches the devs. Hopefully, they add some neon ‘veins’ to the back of her hand, though, because we genuinely can’t unsee this dishwasher comparison.

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