Seagull shows how Overwatch trash talk can tilt enemies for easy wins

Seagull in OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment

Former Overwatch League pro Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned showed how using some good old-fashioned trash talk can help guarantee victories against teams that are already showing signs of tilt.

Due to its importance on teamwork, Overwatch can be one of the most nerve-wrecking games out there when you’re queuing by yourself or with a single friend.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll get people on your team that you mesh well with, and their hero pools might not be a good fit with others on the team – resulting in some bad experiences.

Knowing when the enemy team is getting tilted and capitalizing on that can, however, end up paying dividends and that’s exactly what Seagull showed during a ranked game on Dorado.

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Seagull plays mind games against enemy Overwatch team

During a January 12 Twitch broadcast, the ex Dallas Fuel star noticed that players on the opposing team were beefing with each other in match chat.

“Well fellas, gg I guess,” an enemy player wrote. “We were gonna win but both DPS in an ego duel.”

It seemed like the DPS players on the opposing side were at odds when one made the switch to Echo, causing another to throw on Bastion.

Sensing this could be a decisive moment with time still on the clock and the enemy squad not having much farther to push the payload, Seagull chimed in.

“Lmao, how can they have an ego? I’m better than both,” he said before explaining his motivations to his chat. “Easy. I’m taunting them right now.”

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Moments later, one of the adversary DPS players quit the game, suggesting Seagull’s tilting had worked. Even though the player rejoined a bit after, the opposing side seemed no longer interested and all of their momentum had halted.

The end result was a win for Seagull’s team with the Torbjorn player even earning play of the game honors during the match. It just goes to show that sometimes talking smack is better than laying the smackdown.