OW2 players question Sombra buffs in mid-Season 9 update: “Who even asked for this?”

Liam Ho
Overwatch 2 Sombra rework unveiled

Overwatch 2 players have questioned the devs’ reasoning after they buffed Sombra in the recent mid-season 9 patch.

Overwatch 2’s season 9 update was by far one of the biggest changes ever made to the hero shooter. With a bunch of heroes receiving bigger HP pools, a new DPS passive and more, it significantly shook up how the shooter was played, drastically changing the meta with it.

Since the release of the changes, it’s taken players some time to get used to the new style of gameplay. You can’t rely on heal tanking through everything now, and the game has revolved much more around surviving and beating the other teams all in.

Now Blizzard has released the mid-season update, which saw changes to roughly half the heroes. One of the heroes receiving buffs however was Sombra, who was thriving in the new meta. As such, this prompted many questions from the players, wondering what was going through the developers’ heads when making this change.

OW2 players confused by recent Sombra buffs

Overwatch 2 players have questioned Blizzard about the recent Sombra buffs.

“Why Blizzard. Who even asked for this…” a post read.

Sombra received more damage on her Virus and a decrease in cost to her ultimate EMP. Many were upset by these changes, who believe Sombra is already strong enough if you don’t have peel from your teammates.

“RIP for teams who don’t peel for teammates.” one user stated.

“I swear it is so easy to spawn camp with her, it is not even fair.” another agreed.

Others argued that she received buffs thanks to her new Cowboy Bebop skin, which players theorized could lead to more sales.

“Cuz she got a new cool skin $$$ now you can dominate in style bruh.” they pointed out.

With these changes locked in for the foreseeable future, it’s uncertain what Blizzard has in store for Season 9, but it seems players are not too happy about this recent change.