Overwatch League can’t catch a break as even Wendy’s is roasting them

. 6 months ago
overwatch 2 tracer crying with wendy's logo
Blizzard Entertainment, Wendy's

The Overwatch League took on American fast food store, Wendy’s, in a Twitter ratio battle for the ages, but it didn’t go as planned.

Overwatch hasn’t exactly had the best year in the world. Between constant delays, the ongoing lawsuit against Activision Blizzard, and a serious content drought, the fan-favorite FPS teeters on a knife’s edge.

To add to the game’s list of woes, LEGO has announced that they will be delaying the release of any Overwatch branded sets following the company’s legal troubles, with an Overwatch 2 set that was supposed to release on February 1, 2022, postponed indefinitely.

Now, in a playful “ratio” battle with the official Twitter account for American fast food titans, Wendy’s, the Overwatch League has taken an arrow to the knee for trying to bash the popular chain.

Overwatch LEGO brick bastion skin on eichenwalde in tank formation
Blizzard Entertainment
OWL just took a Bastion tank to the face courtesy of Wendy’s.

Wendy’s brutally roasts Overwatch League

In honor of ‘National Roast Day,’ Wendy’s tweeted out “It’s #NationalRoastDay™. Drop the ‘roast me’ below. Oh, and don’t forget to get free medium fries with purchase, in the app. Gotta do something with all this salt.”

Dropping in with a scathing response, OWL hit the chain with a formidable roast: “You’re just like your burgers. Square.”

Swooping in with the perfect response, Wendy’s simply replied “can’t wait for those new LEGO sets.” Oft. We felt that one.

Admitting defeat, two of OWL’s best teams were quick to bow to Wendy’s superior sass. Florida Mayhem simply responded with an image of Marge Simpson attempting to hide her face in embarrassment.

Washington Justice had a similar response, which sees a disappointed man pounding a window with his fist. You can feel the inner turmoil from here.

Clearly this was a massive dub for Wendy’s, who will likely be pretty proud of themselves for toppling the OWL memelords themselves. As we await a response with bated breath, we’ll need to head to the local chemist for some aloe vera – after all, that was an earth-shattering burn.

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