Overwatch 2 players unite over Sombra being “utter hell” to play against

Eleni Thomas
sombra in overwatch 2 using ability

The Overwatch 2 community has rallied together to call on the devs to rework Sombra, claiming she is “utter hell” to play against at the moment.

Overwatch 2 is now two years into its lifespan. While the game’s initial launch was riddled with bugs and in-game glitches, developer Blizzard has been hard at work patching up the game as best they can.

As well as fixing bugs, a big part of each and every Overwatch 2 update is the nerfs and buffs specific hero characters receive. The goal is to ensure heroes are balanced as closely as possible to one another.

However, the devs do sometimes overcorrect, so much so that certain heroes become indestructible or, on the flip side, rendered useless. The latest hero to be put under the microscope is Sombra. 

Sombra was first introduced in the original Overwatch back in 2016 and is a Damage hero. Fast forward to eight years later and she is once again the talking point of the Overwatch community.

In a new Reddit thread, an Overwatch 2 player stated to the community, “I play support and I’m about to quit the game because of Sombra. It’s simply unfair. She’s in almost every match lately.”

The thread quickly garnered a major response from the Overwatch 2 community, with over 600 comments and counting.

“Yeah console DPS players seem to always swap to Sombra eventually, if not from the very start. I’ll swap to Lucio or Moira to either escape easily or chase after her,” wrote one OW2 player.

Another Redditor added, “This. If you outskill them as dps they switch to Sombra so they can harass you. Says a lot about the character.”

And while there is a near-unanimous consensus throughout the Overwatch 2 community that Sombra needs to be tweaked soon, players are not holding out hope.

“Doubt they’ll nerf her anytime soon since she got a new expensive skin lol.”

Time will tell if Blizzard chooses to answer the cries from fans and rework Sombra. However, we’ll be sure to keep you updated if there are any new developments.

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