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Seagull explains why BlizzCon’s Overwatch 2 reveal is “bittersweet”

Published: 4/Nov/2019 0:50 Updated: 4/Nov/2019 2:29

by Andrew Amos


Former Overwatch League pro Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned has called the announcement of Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon 2019 “bittersweet” after trialling the alpha on the floor at the event.

Overwatch 2’s announcement has given Blizzard’s tactical shooter a much needed hype boost. Community concerns surrounding slow patch releases for the original game, as well as a lack of fresh content, have been silenced for the most part in light of the sequel’s reveal.

However, there’s still some questions surrounding the major change in the game’s direction. The addition of PvE and new content will give the Overwatch franchise a welcomed facelift, but how Blizzard goes about releasing and monetizing it remains to be seen. This has led to comments by Overwatch personalities like Seagull, who are holding out some scepticism for the sequel.

BlizzardOverwatch 2 will bring a new PvE storyline to the universe.

Seagull was at BlizzCon alongside the likes of Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and popular Atlanta Reign streamer Francine ‘FRAN’ Vo testing out the alpha demo of Overwatch 2, which included a four-player PvE mission and a PvP mode. 

While he seemed generally impressed by it throughout his stream, he had a lot of questions about how the game will look once it’s launched.

“PvE mode, depending on how deep the customization there is, and how much content there is, could be very cool,” he said. “It all depends on how the game is monetized.

“I currently don’t have enough knowledge. Do we know price? Do we know release time? Do we know how much content there is? How many missions are there going to be?”

“This is high levels of replayability – we know there’s an expert mode. Are they going to have ranks? Is this going to be something like Mythic Dungeons like World of Warcraft? You can really take this far.”

After the event, the former Dallas Fuel off-tank tweeted about how he felt like this BlizzCon was “bittersweet” for fans of the game.

“I’m happy Overwatch is getting some cool content,” he said. “I’m sad it seems to be far away while the current Overwatch feels so rough to play with seemingly no big changes in sight until then.”

Some players, like Seagull, feel like current players are going to be neglected while the sequel’s development rocks forward. While there were some announcements for new content, like heroes Sojourn and Echo, it’s unclear whether those will arrive for the original game or the sequel.

While Overwatch 2 is undeniably a good change for the franchise, players shouldn’t hold their breath for its release any time soon. Blizzard have said they are going dark to work on getting the game out as soon as possible.

In the meantime, Overwatch fanatics will have to hope that the original game’s development doesn’t get put on the backburner, and that Blizzard can keep the interest high through a steady stream of good content.


Overwatch cosplayer sprints into battle as Soldier 76 with female twist

Published: 24/Nov/2020 23:55 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 23:58

by Michael Gwilliam


Cosplayers are no strangers to creating unique outfits based on Overwatch heroes and Hendoart proved to be no different with her stunning female take on Soldier 76.

Soldier 76 is one of the original classic Overwatch heroes, having been around since the game’s launch. With his iconic red, white, and blue jacket, mask, plus heavy pulse rifle, Jack Morrison can easily stand out in a crowd.

That all said, cosplayer and streamer Sarah ‘Hendoart’ Hendo decided to tackle the DPS hero from her own perspective, in what she called a “mini gender bend.”

As you can see from the photos, Hendo absolutely nailed the look of Soldier 76 getting the jacket, gloves, gun, and even biotic field down pat.


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Meanwhile, she also added some of her own flair. Thanks to her feminine figure, the outfit manages to take on a life of its own, especially with her flowing brown hair behind 76’s mask.

However, the best part comes in the form of a little video she created with a fellow Mercy cosplayer. In the clip, the battle-scarred Hendo begs for healing and even “spams” for it – a bit of a meme in the Overwatch community.

“Just a battle-damaged Soldier and a Mercy who dgaf about me,” she captioned the video.


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Eventually, the Mercy begins to nurse Hendo back to health and starts wrapping her arm in a bandage, and evaluates the rest of the hero’s injuries.

Hendo’s cosplays aren’t limited to just Overwatch either. She has cosplayed as many different DC and Marvel superheroes including Spider-Man, Harley Quinn, Joker, Mary Jane, and Venom just to name a few.


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Soldier 76 isn’t the only Overwatch cosplay she’s done either. In the past, she has done many different takes on the tank hero D.Va including her School Girl and Tangerine themed skins.

With Overwatch 2 on the way and multiple more heroes coming with the sequel, this likely isn’t the last we’ve seen from Hendoart and quite frankly, we can’t wait to see what else she has in store.