BlizzCon has reignited Overwatch 2 players’ hope for the future

Carver Fisher
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BlizzCon was chock full of exciting news for Overwatch 2 fans, with many of those who were disappointed by the game’s launch having their faith in the future restored.

Since the launch of Overwatch 2, fans of the series haven’t been too optimistic about the direction the game was going. From the devs pivoting to a new direction with PvP to controversial competitive changes and bad news for the OWL, it’s been hard to be enthusiastic for many players.

However, the slew of news from BlizzCon has players excited. From Clash mode bringing in Hanamura’s spiritual successor to new footage of upcoming supports (even one that wasn’t intended to be shown) and changes to the competitive system, there’s a lot to be excited about.

The Overwatch 2 community and some of its biggest creators have rallied behind the myriad announcements from BlizzCon 2023, with many hopeful that Overwatch is coming back with a vengeance.

BlizzCon restores faith in Overwatch 2 fans

The ending of the 2023 OWL felt to many like the end of Overwatch’s competitive scene as a whole. With the meta feeling stale for many at the time, competitive frustrations mounting, and many’s expectations of PvE being betrayed, optimism was hard to come by.

However, within a matter of months, one Blizzard panel has almost entirely shifted the narrative.

Players are calling this the “best Blizzcon yet” after all the changes that were rapidly announced, including the new heroes, mode, competitive changes & more.

“There is nothing to hate, they are actually listening and implementing exciting things. I’m very happy.” said the top commenter on the post.

While fans of other Blizzard titles like Starcraft are feeling a bit under-represented in comparison, it’s hard not to be optimistic about Overwatch. Casual and hardcore players alike seem to like the direction they’re taking.

We’re so back,” seems to be the general sentiment among creators who are still sticking with Overwatch 2 as their main game. Though there’s a possibility that some of the proposed changes won’t have as much impact as originally thought once they’re included, the community is feeling overwhelmingly positive about the direction Overwatch 2 seems to be going.

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