Pacifist Overwatch team shows how to win without needing a single kill

Michael Gwilliam
Blizzard Entertainment

Normally if you’re playing a round of Overwatch and you finish with no kills, chances are you’re having a really bad game. However, for one team, they found a way to win without ever sending their opponents back to spawn.

Reinhart player and Reddit user Captain_Lesgate uploaded a video clip of a near-perfect Temple of Anubis attack that stunned the opposing team.

Right after leaving spawn, Lucio speed boosted the team to the choke where they were met by incoming fire from an enemy Bastion on the high ground. With their shield up, keeping his team alive as Rein, Captain’s squad headed right towards the mega health pack where Symmetra then placed a teleporter right onto the point.

Blizzard EntertainmentWho needs kills when you have magical plays?

With the entire attacking team through the teleporter and on the point, all they needed was 33% progress on the objective to win the match.

Of course, there are a few things that need to be pointed out. While the team didn’t need to kill anyone on the enemy team to win, they would have already full held their opponents on defense and most likely had to fire their weapons to do so.

Additionally, as cool as this play was, the enemy team was horribly coordinated or already in a defeatist state of mind to not even contest the objective. As you can see in the footage, the only enemy player who seems to want to stop the objective from being captured is the enemy Roadhog can’t get on the point in time.

Meanwhile, the opposing Torbjorn can’t seem to decide whether to hop on the point or not being feet away from it before navigating away. If he had contested, it’s possible the Roadhog would have been able to and thus allow for the Bastion to melt away the rest of Captain_Lesgate’s team.

Fortunately for him, the team managed a flawless victory in record time.

Speaking of Captain_Lesgate, the tank player noted that they nearly screwed up the entire plan by going left out of spawn instead of right. “I had a bit of a brain fart but luckily it turned out well,” they said, acknowledging the lapse in judgment.

Blizzard EntertainmentSome good heals helped make the play a success.

Next time you’re on Temple of Anubis, see if you can try this play out, but be wary about giving it another go if the first time fails and telegraphing your teleport to your opponent.

The good news is that Temple of Anubis is back in the Season 20 map pool so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice this unique play.

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