OW2 players demand Blizzard keep beta up after returning to “unplayable” Overwatch

Michael Gwilliam
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Overwatch players have had just a little taste of OW2 with the first beta wrapped up and they’re already voicing their struggles returning to the first game.

The Overwatch 2 beta implemented some major gameplay tweaks such as 5v5, slower ultimate charge, one tank per team, and more. As such, the game plays pretty differently from its first installment.

Although some players found the beta didn’t feel like a true sequel yet, that didn’t mean that they were turned off by its new gameplay – quite the contrary.

Now, with players stuck waiting for the second beta and forced to play Overwatch 1 in the meantime, they’ve found it difficult to return to the old game and want Blizzard to bring the beta back.

OW2 sojourn patch buff
The first Overwatch 2 beta has left fans wanting more.

Overwatch 2 players demand Blizzard keep the beta up

In a post on Reddit, user ‘hahaloser’ vented their frustration on playing Overwatch 1 again after trying the sequel, calling the first game “unplayable.”

“Double Shield, 5-second hacks, Mei primary fire, SO MUCH CC,” the player groaned. “OW2 feels like what Overwatch was always supposed to be, a brawly, movement-heavy, adrenaline-pumping game. OW1 is slow, clunky, tiresome, and frustrating.”

Others on the site agreed, commenting how the switch back has made many players on the fence about the sequel appreciate it more.

“I think it has made most players realize that OW2 is indeed better than OW1,” one wrote.

overwatch 1 shields
Players think the first Overwatch is “unplayable” compared to the sequel.

“After playing so much of the beta and really enjoying it, I now feel like I get next to no enjoyment from OW1,” another said. “It just feels worse to play… Plus queue times are far worse on support.”

Blizzard hasn’t announced any plans to bring back the first beta, but a second is planned and its launch date will be revealed during a presentation on June 16. Hopefully, players won’t have long to wait until they can get their hands on the game once more.

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