Overwatch 2 players slam most “unfun” meta since game started

Andrew Highton
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The Overwatch 2 community has been a rollercoaster of a journey since the game launched. With the game coming up to its one-year anniversary, players have criticized the Overwatch 2 meta and believe it’s in a bad way.

It feels like it’s been a rough time for OW2 players as of late. After the hype of the Season 6 PvE content died down, problems have crept in. A major Illari bug has recently been discovered, and players have also noticed that Blizzard has been reusing old skins.

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More recently, there has been talk about the game’s meta. Tanks have been a big discussion point with OW2 players. But now, the game’s entire meta is now up in the air. Players claim that the FPS title is in one of its most concerning states since it launched and is no longer fun.

Overwatch 2 meta needs to be patched

According to Overwatch 2 Reddit user enaty, the meta might be the least enjoyable it’s been since it hit the scene in October 2022.

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“This has to be the most unfun meta in YEARS. Every single game ends with a Zarya/Orisa/Bastion in the lobby. Losing? Switch to Bastion and you get a free win. How is this still not patched yet? NOBODY is having fun with this. I’d rather play mystery heroes with the bs RNG,” they explained to the community.

Orisa, in particular, has been the subject of much criticism in recent seasons too. “Orisa is designed poorly. I don’t know why they reworked her to counter half the tank roster in a 5v5 setting,” said one OW2 user. Another fan chimed in saying “Her design is too easy. Her skill floor is so low even Junk looks up at her. Her cooldowns need to be longer and/or CC immunity needs to be removed from one of them. Her kit is fat too powerful given how easy her kit is.”

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One user even suggested that OW2 “doesn’t feel fun or satisfying. Every game ends up being the same 3-6 heroes, and there’s very little versatility in playstyles within that cast so it becomes draining.”

A counterpoint to all of this was an amusing but very upvoted one: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Overwatch players happy with any meta ever.” With Overwatch 2 Season 7 on the horizon, players will be hoping for some tasty changes to the meta.

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