Overwatch players demand Blizzard try 6v6 in OW2 instead of “terrible” lower respawns

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An upcoming Overwatch 2 experiment to lower the respawn timer in Season 8 is being panned as players want the devs to try 6v6 instead.

Overwatch 2’s controversial decision to change the game to 5v5 instead of OW1’s 6v6 has been met with widespread criticism despite the switch to one tank opening up for more carry potential.

Although Blizzard has yet to try 6v6 in Overwatch 2, they are going to be doing something interesting in Season 8 by “drastically” reducing spawn times.

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However, reduced spawns had already been tested when the game was in alpha – and it didn’t work out so well, leading players to request the devs try a 6v6 experiment instead.

Overwatch 2 players want 6v6 instead of reduced respawns

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, former Overwatch League tank ‘Hawk’ voiced his concern with reduced respawns and urged the devs to reconsider.

“Let me get this straight, I now have to kill a raid boss AFK ground tank and 2 OP supports MORE often now?” he blasted. “What would it take just to try an experimental 6v6 patch? Bring back the higher skill ceiling and the skill expression variety of 6v6 pls.”

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In response to an argument about reduced respawns only being a quick play experiment, Hawk shot back, saying that the respawns were “terrible” in the alpha even when the game was better.

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Ex-Toronto Defiant player s9mm reiterated these points, posting to X: “They did this in alpha and it was legit terrible nobody wants lower respawn times.”

In the comments, users agreed with many commenting that a return to 6v6 would be “ideal” just to try out in Overwatch 2.

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“Would love a 6v6 experimental with an in-game poll on which one is more fun for everyone to vote on,” one wrote.

Others insisted that tanks would need to have additional reworks given the role’s significant buffs in the sequel.

Who knows, with the devs wanting to try new things such as the respawn experiment, there might be hope for a 6v6 return after all. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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