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Overwatch’s McCree hits the big screen with perfect Toy Story skin idea

Published: 7/Nov/2020 1:14

by Bill Cooney


One Overwatch fan has created a perfect 3D skin idea for McCree that transforms him into fellow fictional cowboy Woody from Disney’s Toy Story.

If there’s one thing Overwatch players can all agree on, it’s that adding more hero skins to the game would never be a bad thing, and seeing as how its community is one of the most creative out there, it’s no surprise that there always seems to be a new concept or idea being shared.

One of the best ideas we’ve seen recently turns McCree into another well-known cowboy, Woody from Toy Story, created by accomplished Overwatch tinkerer andygmb.


The sharpshooter looks right at home in blue jeans and the trademark yellow shirt. Seeing this skin also makes you realize the two’s hats are extremely similar to begin with.

McCree is fittingly devoid of facial hair, and while this is a bit unsettling, it is accurate along with the shiny, obviously plastic hair.

As an extra touch, he even has “Andy” written on the bottom of his boot, another nod to Toy Story and fitting, since this skin idea was made by andygmb.

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Woody McCree
McCree could use a “Reach for the sky” voiceline to go with this skin.

Sadly, Overwatch isn’t known for it’s crossover skins. Though a few have happened before, the chances of Blizzard getting Disney on board are probably pretty slim. If you’re still itching for more skins following the Halloween Terror event though, you won’t have to wait too long.


The Winter Wonderland event should get going towards the beginning of December based on previous years, and there should be plenty of new skins coming with it to collect, even if Woody McCree isn’t there.