Overwatch dev blown away by incredible Zenyatta cosplay

Cosplayer of Zenyatta from OverwatchInstagram/ofl0ra/Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch cosplayer has unveiled an impressively designed outfit for the Omnic monk hero, Zenyatta – a character rarely seen in cosplay circles.

Zenyatta as a character is a unique specimen as he floats in the air while providing utility for his team through Harmony and Discord orbs, which heal allies and make enemies take 30 percent more damage.

Due to the character’s robotic design, not many have cosplayed as the hero, but that didn’t stop Twitter user ‘Effekted’ from giving it his all and showing it off with the fandom.

In a post on November 6, Effekted tweeted to the official Overwatch account writing, “Hey Overwatch, we are doing some cleaning and are looking for a more permanent home for our robot son.”

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Attached was a photo of the Zenyatta costume on display, equipped with an Orb of Destruction in his hands.

The cosplayer went on to ask if the Overwatch team would want to take it off their hands. There’s a twist too – he’s making some adjustments that will make the outfit a prop of sorts for anyone who wants it.

“He needs a special rig to be worn, but I’m fixing him up to sit on his own,” Effekted remarked.

In the attached photos, you can really see how the incredible cosplay came to life. The attire Zenyatta wears with the mustard yellow pants are nicely crafted and match up perfectly with the in-game version.

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Around his neck, the designers made sure to include all of the Orbs of Destruction too and the end result looks ripped directly from the Overwatch universe.

Overwatch Community Development Leader Molly Fender even replied to the post writing, “this is so cool” and included the eyes emoji.

To this, ofl0ra, who helped craft the cosplay responded, “Thank you!! It was such a blast to make/wear him!”

“He just needs a better home,” she added.

It’s unclear whether the Overwatch devs will accept the gift for their offices, but such an amazing cosplay should never be left collecting dust. Hopefully, they get their wish and someone adopts the Omnic monk.

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