Overwatch team ruins Christmas with Grinch Winston skin concept

Blizzard Entertainment / Universal Pictures

While waiting for the gift of an Overwatch 2 release date, an Overwatch team is getting in the anti-Christmas spirit. Following in big, green footsteps, the New York Excelsior came up with a mischievous Grinch Winston, or “Grinchston,” design.

As the 1957 Dr. Seuss story goes, the introverted Grinch was annoyed by Christmas shenanigans and elected to steal away the holiday to earn some peace and quiet. 

Those holiday festivities are, once again, upon us in 2021 – with Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event. There’s an icy Genji skin, a long-awaited D.Va sleighing skin, and a lot of excitement among fans.

But the Overwatch League’s New York Excelsior don’t seem too fond of that noise. Instead, they’d like to introduce some chaos to the wonderland. And who better to create chaos than a gorilla Grinch?

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Overwatch Grinch Winston skin crashes holiday party

Just look at the big, fuzzy guy. He’s got green fur, just like his inspiration. And he’s even got the Grinch’s trademark costume, masquerading as a Santa – hiding nefarious intentions.

“Grinchston” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, but maybe that’s on purpose. If bad vibes are his game, then clunkiness fits his name.

And, speaking of bad vibes, look at what the troublemaker has in his bag.

overwatch 2 winston fight big robotBlizzard
Winston will play a part in Overwatch 2… whenever it arrives.

Calling him “The Grinch Who Stole Overwatch 2,” NYXL decided to sneak some copies of the highly anticipated sequel into Grinchston’s Santa sack. This really adds to his menacing attitude, as the topic of OW2 is a troublesome one among fans.

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At the moment, there is no Overwatch 2 release date just yet. There was some good news though, with creators promising ‘renewed faith’ in the sequel after a private meeting with the devs.

But, if Grinchston has his way, who knows when the game will see the light of day. In the meantime, maybe Blizzard can add this skin concept to their future plans – it looks clean and toxic players would love a toxic hero.