Overwatch streamer AimbotCalvin turned down a massive Overwatch League offer

Joe O'Brien

Popular Overwatch streamer AimbotCalvin has revealed that he turned down a massive contract in the Overwatch League.

During a recent stream, Calvin said that he turned down a $150,000 contract, preferring to remain a streamer rather than pursue a professional career.

The statement came in response to a question about Calvin’s interest in the current state of competitive Fortnite. Calvin revealed that in the case of both Fortnite and the Overwatch League, he turned down potentially lucrative opportunities in order to focus on his passion for streaming Overwatch.

Regarding Fortnite, Calvin said that after experimenting with Fortnite competitively, he turned down invitations to join several Skirmishes, which had millions of dollars in prizes on the line and were a huge platform for streamer growth, due to being less interested in playing Fortnite than Overwatch.

“The world isn’t about money?” Calvin said, repeating a comment in his stream chat, “Oh of course not, that’s why I didn’t do it.”

A $150,000 contract would have put Calvin in line with one of the biggest known deals of the first season, that of San Francisco Shock’s young star Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won. Though contract details have not been made public, Sinatraa’s deal was the biggest reported at three times the $50,000 minimum salary.

Though known primarily as a streamer, Calvin does have some competitive experience, most notably a stint with Gale Force Esports during which he played alongside future Houston Outlaws main tank Austin ‘Muma’ Wilmot. Calvin was also part of the ill-fated TSM Overwatch division, and also represented them in Fortnite for a time.

Calvin also isn’t the only streamer to have received interest from Overwatch League teams. It is currently rumored that Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca, another former pro player turned streamer, has signed with the new Atlanta franchise for Season Two, although Dafran himself has denied the move.