Dafran denies that he will be joining the Overwatch League

R: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The saga of Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca’s professional Overwatch continues, as he now denies that he’ll be joining the Overwatch League.

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The popular Overwatch streamer and former pro player was thrust back into the competitive spotlight recently when rumors began surfacing that he would be joining the Overwatch League for Season Two.

Most prominent among those making the claim is Michael ‘mykL’ Padilla, another Overwatch content creator and former pro player. MykL reported that Dafran is set to join the new Atlanta franchise, and most recently announced that his addition to the league had been approved by Blizzard.

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Dafran himself initially added weight to the reports by stating on his stream that he “might join Overwatch League”, and that he would update his followers when he had more news. More recently, however, he seems to have turned heel on the topic.

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After being congratulated on the move by a viewer in Twitch chat during a recent stream, Dafran replied “you guys really think I was gonna fucking join Overwatch League? You guys really fucking thing that? You fucking dumbasses.”

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Dafran went on to state “that’s all I’m gonna say”, although he did add a shout-out to mykL, saying “you have been a great piece of the puzzle, thank you mykL. My little pawn.”

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The reply is more in line with Dafran’s original statement regarding his professional future after being suspended in July 2017, in which he wrote that he did not enjoy playing professionally and did not want to do in the future.

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That statement was made over a year ago, however, and before the success of the Overwatch League, leaving plenty of time for a change in heart. So far, most expansion teams have yet to make any roster announcements at all, so fans of Dafran will likely have to wait for official confirmation as to whether he will be appearing in the league.

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