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Overwatch star ML7 reveals best Ana tips vs every hero including Echo

Published: 20/Apr/2020 0:46

by Michael Gwilliam


Legendary Overwatch streamer Mihai ‘ML7’ Lupascu is well-known for his support play, so it was no wonder that Nathan ‘Karq’ Chan chose him to help with his Ana tip guide, and it’s one of the most jam-packed videos ever.

As with all of KarQ’s other videos, the streamer or pro started out with a general tip before moving into specific secrets to help in the matchups against every hero in the game.

The general tip in this case was to learn her reload animation cancel. Once Ana pulls the cartridge out and puts another one in, players can skip the remaining action, cocking the gun, and do any action other than shooting.


Reload animation canceling can up your healing and effectiveness.

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This is great for being able to get a bit more damage or healing done with your Biotic Grenade, hit a close enemy with melee, sleep a foe, or even Nano a teammate – or yourself if you’re playing Death Match.

To begin the hero guides, against D.Va, ML7 recommends turning your back to her when she dives onto you, because she’ll turn her Defense Matrix off to shoot you. At this moment, you can turn around and quickly sleep or grenade her with the Matrix down.

Against Reinhardt, ML7 has a couple of really solid tips. Firstly, when a teammate is pinned, a Nano can save them due to the damage reduction. The only teammates this won’t save is Baby D.Va and Tracer as they’re only 150 HP.


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Additionally, if you’re going to get Shattered, be sure to jump just before. There’s a chance that you’ll be able to get behind cover and stay safe despite being knocked down.

Versus a Sigma, when you get pulled into the air with Gravitic Flux, try to Nade a wall in the air or just before you hit the ground to be able to survive.

A neat tip versus Winston is to jump back right when he leaps on top of you. This will knock you back even farther away from him and out of reach from his Tesla Cannon. What’s more, is if he has you in a corner using Primal Rage, wait for him to hit you once before sleeping to avoid missing.


Doomfist is a major counter, so save your cooldowns.

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ML7 went on to provide some key tips against Doomfist, who is one of Ana’s worst matchups. Primarily, be sure to save your cooldowns to stop Doomfist when he comes for you. He can be much easier to deal with when you have Sleep Dart and Grenade available.

When fighting the newest hero, Echo, ML7 advises prioritizing healing teammates who get hit by Sticky Bombs. Echo’s Focusing Beam does big damage to enemies and barriers under half HP, so keeping teammates above half will seriously lessen the beam’s damage.

The next tip is big for 2CP maps – when attacking the enemy will normally swap to Mei to stall the objective. As Ana you can try to spawn camp and sleep the Mei as she comes out of spawn. Additionally, if you force her to use Ice Block to stop the Dart, you stop a major cooldown that she needs in order to stall effectively.


Finally, against Zenyatta, an advanced tip is that when your Reinhardt is Discorded, the opposing Rein will likely play very aggressively. This leaves him open to be slept as he’ll be using his hammer to do damage.