Jeff Kaplan promises changes for Overwatch’s “flawed” 2CP maps

Published: 18/Apr/2020 0:59

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan has given fans an update on the state of the game’s infamous 2CP maps, and added that they’re one of the top priorities for developers right now.

Assault, more commonly known as 2CP maps in the Overwatch community, are some of the most unpopular maps to get in rotation for players.

For years, we’ve just had to bear it and pray to the RNG god that we don’t get Temple of Anubis, Paris, or any other 2CP map for our Competitive matches, but Jeff has spent the last week assuring us that devs are currently working on changes.

Blizzard Entertainment
Paris and Horizon Lunar Colony were so unpopular, Blizzard straight up removed them from the Competitive rotation.

In the last week, we’ve already seen two of the worst examples of Overwatch 2 CP maps: Paris and Horizon Lunar Colony, completely removed from the Competitive rotation.

Kaplan revealed that developers have spent more time working on 2CP than any other mode in a blog post on the official Overwatch forums on April 17.

“We discuss 2cp all the time, it’s one of the top discussions we have in the design group,” Kaplan revealed. “We’ve spent more time trying to address that gamemode and trying changes than any other mode. We’ve also reworked those maps the most.”

Blizzard Entertainment
Kaplan revealed 2CP is one of devs top priorities.

Jeff added that over time, it’s become impossible to ignore the “fundamental flaws” that come along with Assault maps, even for players who don’t mind them.

“The mode has some fundamental flaws,” Kaplan admitted about Assault maps. “Depending on the context your coming from (professional play vs. comp vs. quick play). Contrary to what some communities would have you believe, not everyone dislikes the modes or the maps.”

While devs “continue to try solutions for both the mode and the maps,” Kaplan admitted that “there just aren’t easy, silver bullet solutions,” when it comes to “fixing” 2CP.

Developers are working to “fix” Horizon and Paris after both maps were removed from the Competitive rotation.

Exactly when we’ll see the new, revamped 2CP mode and maps make their debut is unknown. You would think any changes would come before the release of Overwatch 2 (which we don’t have a date for either) but if developers want to take longer to make sure Assault is actually more enjoyable to play, they can take all the time they need.


Overwatch trick gives Junkrat mains a perfect counter for Pharah

Published: 19/Jan/2021 12:54

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch has a pretty diverse DPS pool, catering to all types of different play styles. Pharah is for those that like to fly high, and Junkrat players prefer to keep their feet on the ground. This trick, however, gives Junkrat the perfect Pharah counter. 

It’s hardly a secret that Pharah and Junkrat are two very different forces in Overwatch. The former is a poised, flying Middle Eastern queen, who contrasts heavily against the maniacal Australian who likes to throw the odd bomb around.

While Echo is the DPS who has come under fire recently from tank mains, when you’re playing Junkrat, Pharah is your literal nightmare. As the game itself tells you when you die to a Frag grenade or R-I-P Tire, Junkrat isn’t great against flying enemies.

Well, not anymore. This trick will let Junkrat mains thwart their winged nemesis once and for all.

Pharah uses Rocket Barage on Temple of Anubis
Blizzard Entertainment
Pharah’s Rocket Barrage can seem like a game ender for Junkrat players.

Junkrat trick counters Pharah

If you’re sick and tired of having Pharah causing trouble in your game, then Reddit user scoobydawg69 has the perfect trick for you.

The player is seen using Junkrat’s infamous Concussion Mine to propel himself into the air. When level with the flying hero, they then throw another Mine while mid air. The result is as expected, the enemy Pharah is blown to smithereens in an instant.

How to counter Pharah as Junkrat when your hitscan can’t from r/Overwatch

Does this tip help?

This tip is pretty useful across all different maps. On locations like Ilios, Eichenwalde or Oasis’ City Center, Pharah can very quickly become an absolute nightmare for players on the ground. Couple that with a Mercy pocket healing her and she becomes practically indestructible.

A lot of Overwatch’s DPS characters are ground based, with Widowmaker, Hanzo or Echo being the main answers to the iconic character. These heroes and villains, though, have a pretty high skill cap and are often very hit or miss.

So, this one is worth trying out if you’re really struggling to knock the Middle Eastern menace out of the sky. After all, “justice rains from above,” only this time it comes in the form of a slightly psychotic Aussie.