Overwatch players discover unique way to praise teammates with Sigma

Brianna Reeves
overwatch sigma animation

An Overwatch player learned that standing near Sigma during his shield animation can result in the character giving praise to his teammates.

The eccentric astrophysicist joined Overwatch as its 31st playable hero in the summer of 2019. As a Tank character, Sigma has no trouble dominating the battlefield thanks to his various abilities.

For example, Sigma possesses hyperspheres capable of dealing damage to foes from all sides. His experimental barrier, or shield, can also prove an incredible tool.

The shield isn’t only good for protecting against incoming attacks, either. As one player found, Sigma’s shield casting animation offers an interesting benefit to non-Sigma players.

Sigma’s shield animation in Overwatch is more than meets the eye

Reddit user Twisted_tadpole recently shared a gameplay clip of their character receiving head pats from a Sigma user. It’s quite the sight.

While many may think the action is a bug of some kind, another Redditor – WestFieldv1 – suggested otherwise. The user pointed out the following, “Sigma is holding his shield ability and is moving his mouse/controller.”

Yet another Overwatch veteran corroborated that it’s not a glitch, claiming they often perform the petting-like move whenever playing Sigma in the pre-game lobby.

The above Reddit post about Sigma’s bizarre shield animation in Overwatch has garnered more than 1,000 upvotes since it went live.

As such, some players may soon find themselves the subject of unexpected affection from other Sigmas in the near future.

Whether or not the animation will similarly appear in Overwatch 2 remains to be seen. But Sigma mains can find out for themselves in the not-so-distant future.

The long-awaited sequel hits Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms this fall on October 4.

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