Blizzard reenables Sigma in Overwatch 2 after fixing game-breaking ultimate bug

Jeremy Gan

Blizzard has disabled Sigma in Overwatch 2 ranked due to a game-breaking ultimate bug that allows Sigma to fly infinitely. 

Blizzard has decided to temporarily disable Sigma in ranked Overwatch due to a game-breaking bug which allows him to fly infinitely using his ult. 

The bug was discovered in the latest mid-season patch, which buffs, nerfs, and a plethora of new hero options, one of which resulted in the bug. 

Game Director for Overwatch, Aaron Keller, announced on his Twitter that “due to a bug caused by our recent patch, we’re disabling Sigma temporarily in Competitive modes”. 

A community manager in the Blizzard forums further elaborated the temporary removal that the hero is still playable in unranked and Arcade modes. 

The manager says, “we are disabling Sigma from Competitive Play, but you can still use him in Unranked and Arcade modes including the new Starwatch: Galactic Rescue Mode.” He further asks the community to not trigger the bug. 

“Please note, do not deliberately attempt to trigger the bug even in these modes as it may not be fair for everyone else in the lobby.” They do not elaborate if it may result in a penalty.

And for those who may be wondering how the bug is triggered, here is an explanation of how. 

In the new Overwatch 2 patch, if Sigma’s ult reaches its full duration, it will now automatically cast. However, if Sigma is looking at a skybox, or a surface that he can’t cast the ult on, he will be stuck in his ult animation, while flying. And it will extend for as long as you dont die. 

This however will only work if Sigma’s previous ult was also cast at the end of its duration, so you will need to burn through two ults to trigger it. And while flying, you cannot use any abilities other than your primary fire. 


On May 12 Keller announced a hotfix was going live which should rectify the issues. Further revealing that Sigma will be reenabled for Ranked after the hotfix.

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