Overwatch pro Super rages at Blizzard’s lack of OW2 updates: “Where’s the beta?”

Michael Gwilliam
Super rages at ow2 news

Two-time Overwatch League champion Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi put Blizzard on blast for their handling of the current game and their lack of updates surrounding an Overwatch 2 beta.

Overwatch 2 has been in development for quite a while now and with OWL playing on an early build of the game come May, rumors have begun spreading that a beta is on the way.

Leaks from a content creator and developer meeting along with updates on Blizzard’s Battle.net client have only further fueled speculation that a beta will be arriving by early March.

However, with nothing formally announced by Blizzard themselves, San Francisco Shock tank Super put the gaming behemoth on blast, demanding they do something before it’s too late.

Super obliterates Blizzard for lack of Overwatch 2 news

During a recent Twitch broadcast, Super vented to his viewers and spoke to Blizzard directly, fed up with the state of the current game and its lack of support.

“This is so inexcusable at this point. Blizzard, you better give some sh*t soon for f**king Overwatch 2. There better be something,” he raged. “What’s happening now on the live server is a f**king disgrace. I’m just going to go ahead and say it.”

After calling out the company for voice chat issues and a lack of new content, the Reinhardt main demanded they step up and deliver for fans of the game.

overwatch league 2022 season start date
Overwatch League teams will reportedly get OW2 beta access soon.

“Where’s the Overwatch 2 updates? Where’s the beta for the pro players? What the f**k is going on, Blizzard? I’m trying to help you here!” he exclaimed.

Luckily, he may not have that long to wait. As Dexerto reported, OWL teams are expected to be granted OW2 beta access within two weeks. However, it’s unknown if this will be tied to the release of the beta to the community as a whole.

Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds and if the long wait for the sequel ends up being worth it.

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