Leaked Overwatch 2 listing suggests sequel won’t launch on Nintendo Switch

Overwatch 2 gameplay with Nintendo Switch logoBlizzard

A leaked Overwatch 2 listing on Blizzard’s own official website may have just revealed that the upcoming sequel won’t be releasing on the Nintendo Switch, at least not on day one.

Although Overwatch 2 is still yet to find a solid release date, new information appears to be slipping out with each passing day. From potential heroes to drastic in-game event changes, various leaks have already revealed a great deal about the game already.

With a Beta finally on the horizon, fans may not have to hold their breath for much longer before getting their hands on the sequel. Though one portion of the community could be left in the dark for a while longer if new leaks hold true.

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Blizzard’s very own website was allegedly updated on February 15. While this new version was quickly taken down, players noticed one key detail was missing from the Overwatch 2 listing.

BattleNet, Xbox, and PlayStation logos all appeared, but a Nintendo Switch icon was nowhere to be seen.

The Blizzard site in its soon-to-be revamped state, lists every title from the renowned studio along with their genres and platforms. With the original Overwatch, its four current platforms are clearly represented.

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Scrolling down to Overwatch 2 under the ‘Coming Soon’ section, however, revealed that just three platforms were listed instead. Nintendo’s popular handheld did not feature.

While this could certainly be nothing more than a mistake before Blizzard’s updated site goes live, it’s nonetheless a cause for speculation. After all, it could indicate Switch users won’t have access to Overwatch 2 at launch.

That’s not to imply the sequel won’t ever release on Nintendo’s hardware. It took three years for the original game to be ported over in 2019. But it could be indicative of Blizzard’s plans for the release window of Overwatch 2.

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Tracer in OW2Blizzard
Overwatch 2 could be set to launch on just PC, Xbox, and PlayStation hardware.

While new PVE content in the sequel could be restricted to certain platforms, Blizzard previously confirmed that the PVP experience will merge. This means all Overwatch 2 modes, heroes, maps, and gameplay tweaks are expected to be available across all current platforms, including the Switch.

It remains to be seen if these plans have now changed during the game’s development. We’ll have to wait and see how the Overwatch sequel is rolled out with its upcoming Beta. 

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