Overwatch 2 finally shows up on Blizzard server amid imminent beta leaks

Michael Gwilliam
Sojourn in Overwatch 2
Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch 2 beta seems to be imminent after multiple updates to Blizzard’s Battle.net server were made indicating the sequel will be arriving.

Fans have been anxiously awaiting Overwatch 2 news for months, ever since it was announced that the next OWL season would be played on an early build of the sequel in April.

Since then, things have been relatively quiet from Blizzard publicly, but it seems like all that is about to change very soon.

On February 4, users spotted some major changes to the developer server build suggesting that Overwatch 2 will be going live in the near future.

Overwatch 2 shows up on Battle.net

As explained by popular Overwatch news aggregator Naeri, Overwatch 2.0 and Demo 2 were updated to the Blizzard Battle.net developer server.

“Looks like the Overwatch 2 Beta will be out really soon!” she wrote while screen grabbing the update.

This change comes amid Overwatch content creators being invited to a secret developer meeting that left them very optimistic for the game’s future. Supposed leaks from the meeting claimed that a beta would be arriving at some point in February.

overwatch 2 sombra with machine pistol aimed at camera
Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch 2 could be coming out very soon.

A beta hasn’t been officially confirmed by Blizzard yet, so there’s no telling what it will consist of. Multiple new Overwatch 2 maps have already been revealed, and despite launching with numerous new heroes, only one, Sojourn, has been shown off so far.

We’ll have to see what the future holds, but fans of Overwatch should be very excited for what’s to come in the weeks or even days ahead.