Overwatch fans urge Jeff Kaplan to bring back Pink Mercy skin

Michael Gwilliam
Pink Mercy Overwatch skin

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Overwatch players are asking Game Director Jeff Kaplan to bring back the special Pink Mercy skin.

The Pink Mercy skin is one of the most popular skins the game has to offer, with the support hero decorated in bright pink along with some special effects.

In 2018, Overwatch began a Breast Cancer Research Foundation Charity Event with unique cosmetics unlockables available for watching on Twitch. The event also had T-shirts available for purchase and the ever-popular Pink Mercy skin.

While the skin was $14.99, the proceeds went to BCRF, so many users felt it was for a good cause.

Pink Mercy skin on Rialto
The Pink Mercy skin is sacred for Mercy mains.

However, Blizzard has never brought the event back and have never explained why. Now, in a post on the Overwatch subreddit, user Slaycouleex has gone viral with a post urging Jeff Kaplan to do whatever it takes to the skin to be unlockable again.

“Dear Jeff, this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please bring back the Pink Mercy skin,” they wrote. “Please, I am willing to pay double.”

The post’s title concluded with a crying and sad face emoji to indicate how much the skin would mean to the player.

In just 12 hours, the post has been upvoted over 11,000 times and has received a plethora of awards from other Redditors in agreement.

“I feel like this one should be an annual skin,” admiral_frodo commented. Others even noted how Nintendo Switch players never had an opportunity to unlock the skin as the game wasn’t out on Switch back in 2018.

No doubt the Overwatch team has seen the post, but it’s anyone’s guess as to why they haven’t brought the skin back since the original 2018 event.

Pink Mercy on Rialto
Will Blizzard ever bring it back?

Aside from Pink Mercy, players also suggested charity skin ideas for other heroes.

“Hit me with that Soldier 76 skin whenever prostate cancer awareness comes around,” nerankori remarked. “He’s not a young man anymore.”

In any case, hopefully Blizzard listens and decides to bring the skin back, if not in time for October, then at some point further down the line.