Overwatch players just want one simple change for Moira

Blizzard Entertainment

Moira players in Overwatch are still asking for Blizzard to make one simple change to their favorite hero: give her a golden backpack.

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Moira was introduced to Overwatch during BlizzCon 2017 as the 26th playable character in the game and since then, she’s become a regular support pick due to the massive amount of healing she can put out.

But after Blizzard made a massive improvement to Ashe shortly after her November 2018 release, Moira fans are wondering why the same treatment hasn’t been given to her.

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Blizzard EntertainmentMoira players are still waiting for a worthwhile golden weapon.
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Give Moira a golden backpack, please?

Shortly after Ashe was revealed, players begged Blizzard to make B.O.B. a part of her golden weapon set, which they did and the decision left a lot of Moira players wondering if they existed at all.

That’s because from almost the first day Moira was released, players have been begging Blizzard to make her backpack a part of her gold weapon set, instead of just her hands.

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To Blizzard’s credit, they did make her nails gold after outcry from fans, but that doesn’t really do much since you can’t see her nails, unless you’re playing Moira.

It’s popular opinion that Moira’s golden weapons are some of the weakest in the game, partly because of the fact they’re almost completely hidden under sleeves in most of her skins.

Her backpack, on the other hand, is one of the most visible parts of the hero and making it gold would actually make Moira’s golden weapons noticeable for once.

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@VonHollde/TwitterOf course Overwatch fans have already made renderings of what a gold Moira backpack would look like.
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What’s going on with Anniversary 2019?

So far Blizzard has revealed two of the six new legendary skins for the event; the highly-anticipated Academy D.Va and Gargoyle Winston, which was an instant fan-favorite.

There are also three Epic skins and three new dances for Ashe, Hammond and Baptiste coming, but we don’t have any idea what they could look like yet.

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As always with a new event, players should wait to earn their free Arcade loot boxes until after the event begins on May 21, to get as much new stuff as quickly as possible.

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