Blizzard add Golden B.O.B. to Overwatch PTR and it’s glorious

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard have responded to fan requests with an epic update for B.O.B. on the latest PTR patch.

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The latest update to the Overwatch PTR is proving quite a popular one. Not only have Blizzard responded to fan complaints by introducing another nerf to Brigitte, but they’ve also addressed criticism relating to one of players’ new favorite characters.

This year’s BlizzCon introduced Ashe as the game’s latest hero, but for many players the new hero herself was somewhat overshadowed by B.O.B., her omnic sidekick and ultimate ability.

B.O.B. became an instant fan-favorite character, but upon his addition to the game alongside Ashe on November 13, many noticed that he had been left out of the “golden weapon” set for Ashe.

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Golden weapons can be purchased with competitive points, earned by competing in the competitive season. For each character, the golden weapon skin usually covers every weapon that the hero uses – Genji, for instance, gets both golden shuriken and a golden sword.

DBLTAPD.Va’s Light Gun (aka the Bunny Blaster) and MEKA Fusion Cannons both get the golden treatment.

For Ashe, however, despite B.O.B. technically being a weapon of hers, unlocking her golden weapon set had no effect on B.O.B.’s appearance.

A recent petition from Overwatch fans hoped to see the “golden weapon” for Ashe represented in some way in B.O.B., perhaps by giving him a golden hat or some other small recognition of the player’s golden status.

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Blizzard have frequently shown they’re willing to listen to fan wishes, and in this case they’ve gone above and beyond.

The latest PTR patch features an update to B.O.B. to give him a proper golden form – not just a single golden element but his entire body.