Overwatch teases awesome new Winston Anniversary skin

Blizzard Entertainment

new dance emotes for Hammond, Ashe and Baptiste.

D.Va’s highly anticipated “Academy” skin was finally revealed on Sunday, May 19 (whether it “broke the internet” or not is still up for debate) and the next new skin is called “Gargoyle” for Winston.

Blizzard EntertainmentEven if he is a centuries old demon trapped in stone, Winston still needs his glasses.

It was the age of Gargoyles…

Fans of medieval architecture and a certain 90s Saturday morning cartoon will love Winston’s new “Gargoyle” skin.

He really does look like he’s stone come to life, with some intricate-looking stone wings and what appear to be cathedral window designs throughout his armor and on his Tesla Cannon.

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The freakiest part of this skin is definitely his mouth, it’s filled with black teeth and there’s a demonic glow coming from his throat, which should make some of his highlight intros very interesting.

Finally, it’s pretty hilarious to see a giant Gargoyle Winston doing the twist and his Primal Rage form should look pretty cool as well.

What else is coming for Anniversary 2019?

We know for sure that Ashe, Baptiste and Hammond will be getting new dance emotes, because Blizzard told us so and because they’re the only heroes that don’t have one yet.

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With D.Va and Winston’s Legendary skins revealed, that leaves four more Legendary skins and three Epic skins to go, with Anniversary 2019 starting on May 21, that doesn’t leave a whole lot of time to reveal the remaining skins.

As always, players should hold off on getting their Arcade loot boxes until the event begins, to increase their chances of getting one of the new skins or new emotes.

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