Overwatch player reimagines Bastion without armor & it’s absolutely terrifying

overwatch 2 bastionBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Bastion is an armored menace, easily shredding through squishier players with his arsenal of different weapons, but one fan has imagined the Omnic without armor and it’s something we don’t know if we ever wanted to see.

Bastion has been the talk of the town coming into Overwatch 2 and its associated beta, receiving a full rework that has made him one of the game’s most enjoyable characters to play.

A frontline fighter in the Omnic crisis that led to the formation of Overwatch, the curious little creature is equal parts adorable and deadly – especially after his extensive OW2 rework.

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Have you ever imagined what he looks like without armor, though? Neither have we, but one Overwatch fan has created an artistic rendition of what Bastion looks like beneath his shiny shell, and it’s something you’ll never unsee.

overwatch 2 bastion redesignBlizzard Entertainment
Bastion has got an overhaul coming into Overwatch 2, but we’re happy it’s not this non-armored version…

Overwatch fan imagines non-armored Bastion

While many would believe that beneath Bastion’s armored exterior lies a maze of circuits and wires, one fan believes an entirely alien entity is encased in this battered golden carapace.

Sporting one eye, u/fghmkilo’s concept sees the Omnic transformed into a spindly creature that features a particularly nasty-looking Venus Flytrap-style contraption for a hand and three-clawed talons for feet.

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Playing with his feathered friend, Ganymede, there’s something beautiful about the image despite Bastion’s creepy aesthetic. They’ve even considered what he’d look like in Sentry and Tank mode, writing “those versions should be coming soon.”

“I was happier before I saw this,” comments one disturbed fan, with another asking “what have you brought upon this cursed land?”

Others, however, are loving this bizarre Bastion, with one replying “That’s f**king awesome. I gotta see Zen and Orisa now,” and a final response noting “10/10 I want this as a skin.”

Some have also compared this concept to the likes of the mutants from the classic thriller game S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl, and the Sentients or Eidolons from Warframe.

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Love it or hate it, this creepy take on Overwatch’s resident sentry is certainly creative, much like the game’s community. Whether we’ll see it become an Overwatch 2 skin remains unseen, but until then it’ll continue to haunt our dreams.