Overwatch 2 players claim Bastion is “the most fun” hero as alpha gameplay goes live

Bastion fun OW2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players are claiming that Bastion is “the most fun” hero to play as alpha gameplay on the franchise’s sequel has gone live.

Overwatch 2’s DPS role is shaping up to be as exciting as ever as even though Doomfist transitioned out of it with his rework, heroes like Sojourn joining the mix have given the role a breath of fresh air.

Contributing to this are Sombra and Bastion who, thanks to their reworks, not only have been made stronger in the process, but they also have become more enjoyable to play, adding more to the damage-dealing role in the game.

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This is especially the case for Bastion as the hero previously known to be immobile has completely changed his approach, quickly becoming an early standout in the franchise’s sequel.

Bastion Overwatch 2Blizzard
Bastion is no longer the immovable turret damage dealer.

Overwatch 2 players claim Bastion is “the most fun” hero to play

Shown off by pro player and content creator ‘Frogger’ on Twitter, the new Bastion can not only pull off incredible amounts of damage with his new tank mode but he’s also able to jump onto unthinkable spots thanks to his new right-click.

He’s now a highly mobile machine that although gets slowed down during his tank mode, can get on top of rooftops, find flanks and surprise enemies.

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This has given a completely new look to the Omnic, as not only can he flank but can also dive enemy teams — imagine a Winston diving you but with a rotary cannon. With this, Overwatch 2’s favorite deadly robot has the community excited, yet scared.

“I’m digging the direction for the game!” said one fan on Twitter.

“I’m not ready to have bastion mains rocket jumping into my backline.” said another.

If this new Bastion rework is any indication of how Overwatch’s direction will begin to shape up, then fans of the franchise might be in for an exciting new game.

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