Overwatch player recreates Space Invaders with new Workshop feature

Joe O'Brien. Last updated: May 02, 2019
Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch player has used the Workshop to recreate the classic arcade game Space Invaders.

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The Workshop is a new scripting feature that harnesses some of the tools the developers themselves use in order to give more power to players to create their own game modes.

Players have already begun to show off their creativity with the feature, creating interesting new game modes as well as mimicking classics from other titles. Players have even begun to prototype their own concept heroes using the Workshop.

Right now, the Workshop is only available to PC players as it’s still on the Public Test Realm (PTR), but once it moves to the live servers it will be available to all platforms. Blizzard have yet to announce when players can expect the move, however.

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Blizzard Entertainment
The Workshop is already proving incredible popular with players.

The power of the Workshop is such that it’s possible not only to create much more varied rule sets for Overwatch games, but also to create modes that are entirely different to standard Overwatch play.

Space Invaders is a classic arcade game dating back to 1978. The 2D fixed shooter sees players darting back and forth trying to fend off waves of invading aliens with a laser cannon.

In order to make an Overwatch version, u/Opaquer dispensed with the heroes and first-person perspective that typically characterize the game, replacing them with moving energy balls capable of firing lasers and a top-down view.

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The game mode uses the first point of Volskaya as its backdrop, although the action takes place above any of the maps features so they don’t act as obstacles to the gameplay.

via Gfycat

Unfortunately, the creator hasn’t offered a share code for this mode yet, so if you wanted to play it you’ll have to recreate it yourself. It does help demonstrate, however, just how much can be done with the Workshop, as it’s possible to create game modes that bear no resemblance to traditional Overwatch gameplay.